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Merry Christmas from Clanimal

The whole clan joins Virus and me to wish all of you a marvellous and joyful Christmas filled with happiness and love with your favourite pets and to listen to your instinct so you have a great communication with them! Also, for the ones you know that are looking to get a dog as an […]

Etiquette of a responsible owner

Owner’s responsibility In our previous blogs, we talked about the “Owner’s responsibility”, the “Health of the pet”, the “Behavior to have in public”, “Public transportation” and the “Pet’s preparation” before going into a public space. 

COMMERCIAL SPACES: Which attitude to have (general)

It is very important to remind you some details from a previous blog on what is a responsible owner: someone who is accountable for their actions and those of their pet; someone who possesses the humility to always learn about their pet and themselves; someone who respects the environment around them, meaning theirs and that […]

Which attitude to have in public (general)

Clanimal will never impose anything on anyone. However, when you notice all those situations daily that don’t make any sense, you have to agree that it’s more than time that society adjusts to the impact the animals have on our everyday life. It’s also more than time that society starts paying attention to an important and […]


Pets: carrying germs? (From the series “Why bringing your pet to public places!” #2) We believe that pets don’t carry as much germs as pollution (for example: smog, charcoal, etc.), doctors or nurses who leave the hospital at the end of the day and go to the restaurant or to a shopping center (most of […]


From the series “Why bringing your pet to public places!” The first thing that often remains in our mind is to keep our favorite pet by our side. It is important that the pet feels that its “leader”, its “protector” is nearby, guides it and takes care of it. So it’s more than “normal” for […]
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