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To acquire a baby dog to give is a big decision for you and your family, this decision is probably going to change considerably your family life on several years, because a dog can easily live between 7 and 15 years, the lifetime of your puppy depends greatly on the breed of it.

Baby dog to give

Obviously, it’s important to consider the type of baby dog that they want and who will be its real master, most of the time your children will offer to take care the baby dog but it will be probably you that will have to care of it, at the beginning your children will try to convince you that they can fully take care of it, but after the surprise dimmed, it will be actually you that should take care of it, and this for many years to come.

When the time has come to acquire a baby dog that someone would like to give you, you will also have to think about the budget you want to allocate to your baby dog. It’s certain that some dogs will cost much more maintenance than others and even if someone wants to give you one for free, you will quickly have to spend for its maintenance.

Dogs will need medical care either for vaccines, pharmaceuticals or other treatments that could occure during its growth and along its life.

But when you acquire a baby dog, you have to make an effort to think on a long term and to be honest with yourself. For sure if you have children, they will push you to your limits to acquire a baby dog to give, but you have to consider also who will take care of it because a dog need to exercise and you will have to walk him several times a day to relieve itself and to give your dog the opportunity to enjoy running here and there so as to spend a maximum of energy.

So if you wish to purchase a baby dog to give, you definitely have to consider those advices. CLANIMAL website is full of precious informations on this topic and will certainly help you to choose the dog you and your family need.

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