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If this is the first time that you make the adoption of a bearded dragon, you absolutely must know the care sheet for that very special animal.

Bearded dragon care sheet  will consider all the factors required to properly care for the reptile and make it a pet if one may say so, because the reptile will rarely response directly to your actions towards him, he will only have basic reactions that has nothing to do with the reactions of a dog or a domestic cat.

It must be said that this kind of reptile is widely available in North America and it is quite easy to buy one in the pet store of your neighborhood. For those wishing to use Internet to find a bearded dragon, you will be well served because you could get a more exotic animal that could be shipped directly to your home from a foreign supplier, but be careful with the suppliers that you choose, as they sometimes use ways of delivery that could be questionable for the health of these small reptiles.

But before your bearded dragon does get home, you will have planned the purchase of his glass cage as well as its food. Glass tanks are manufactured very popular with bearded dragon owners.

This type of tank is easy to clean and you will always have an eye on your little dragon to see it frolicking quietly in its little house. It is advisable to place the cage near a wall so that your dragon feels safe.

The size of the cage is very important because if it is too small, your dragon may feel too tight in his home and on the contrary if the cage is too large, they might find difficult to catch the insects you will give to it, as the bearded dragon eat live insects.

It is advisable to spread a substrate on the floor of the cage, but you could replace it with sand once your bearded dragon reaches adulthood.

Place inside the cage small mounds so that your dragon can climb. Your dragon will also need UVB light to allow it to produce vitamin D3 which is essential for healthy bones. You will also think of a heating system, because the bearded dragon lives in the desert and it needs a lot of heat as it is cold blood animal.

Finally, your bearded dragon will need various food products such as vegetables, fruits and insects which are essential for it. CLANIMAL suggest you to inform yourself before you acquire this kind of reptile, because the bearded dragon needs a lot of attention and you should strictly follow the bearded dragon care sheet.

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