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Here is bearded dragon information. It might be for you a wonderful pet requiring little care and easy to handle since this animal is absolutely not aggressive toward humans.

Bearded dragon informationThe bearded dragon name is a term commonly given to several species of the genus Pogona. But most bearded dragon lovers will choose the pogona vitticep, this animal is the most common of all lizards of the reptiles’ family.

The lizard of the genus Pogona comes from Australia, there are eight species that can be found in different parts of the continent. Bearded dragons are omnivorous and they are fast and efficient predators. There are even some species that are semi-arboreal.

There are only three species frequently adopted.

The bearded dragon (pogona viticep) is the most common as a pet. This is although the bearded dragon that you will find the more often in specialized shops. The bearded dragon is considered a medium-sized lizard, but it is bigger than the Leopard gecko. Males tend to be larger than females who never grow more than 18 to 20 inches. Nearly half of their total length is constituted by their tails. Their bodies are wide and bulky appearance relatively to their size.

The skin of the bearded dragon has a very rough texture and has a beard that can swell around its neck.

The spines are normally flexible, but they become more spiny when the animal will swell to demonstrate its dissatisfaction or aggression and finally to impress the female in the mating phase. The life of a bearded dragon is around 5 to 10 years, but some can live much longer. It depends on the care you provide.

The bearded dragon is a cold-blooded animal, at night it will seek to burrow in the ground or in all kinds of debris like logs and rocks. When the sun is shining outside, bearded dragon take the opportunity to bask in the sun.

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