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When talking about bearded dragon, many people will find it difficult to get an accurate picture of the animal, or rather of this reptile.

The image you can do of the bearded dragon is simply the one of a lizard, and as you may already know, there are many breeds of lizard. The bearded dragon is one like the others. By cons, lizards have common characteristics since they are cold blooded animals. It will mean for you to purchase specialized equipment when you decide to adopt a bearded dragon.

Bearded dragon picturesThe bearded dragon is well named, since it has a beard around his neck which is composed of multiple spines that can swell to demonstrate aggression or if it is simply facing something disturbing to it. Nothing to do, then, with the human beard.

The bearded dragon comes from Central Australia and it will adapt to various forms of habitat.

It can be found in meadows, deserts and even woodlands. In most cases, the bearded dragon will grow on trees and on the ground. In fact, he has a great climbing talent, but it is also able to burrow to protect itself  from the cold. The bearded dragon is a cold blooded animal, it means it will generally have the same temperature as its surroundings, therefore, if their environment is hot, the body temperature will be too, same if the outside temperature is cold, their bodies will be cold.

Unlike all other types of lizards, bearded dragon is considered one of the best species to own as a pet, it is a quiet and easy to touch type.

On an other hand, the bearded dragon is a nocturnal animal, it means he sleeps most of the time in the day and he will rather stay awake during the night.

On this page you will find bearded dragon pictures and you will notice that it has several interesting colors. To this end, several breeders of bearded dragons will try to reproduce breeds with specific colors to the delight of the future owners.

CLANIMAL invites you to visit its website for more information about the bearded dragon, as the type of habitat, lighting and the food you’re going to give to it.

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