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One of the first questions that might be asked to someone who wants to become a professional dog trainer would be to know if he loves animals, especially dogs!

A dog trainer have to work with the dogs, but also with the owners, that is to say, real people. The dog trainer must have good interpersonal skills and have a lot of patience to make understand his guidelines to the dog and the dog master as well. But a career as a dog trainer can be difficult and take a lot of time,  patience and the determination to succeed.
CLANIMAL will attempt to determine your motivations with useful information. This will help you before you go to enroll in a school to become a dog trainer.

To be a dog trainer, you absolutely have to love dogs regardless of age, race or temperament.

Will you be able to work with them even if the dogs misbehave, are stubborn or even aggressive? One of the main qualities of a dog trainer will be kindness and patience because most dogs can not be trained in a few minutes. The dog trainer will have to work many hours to achieve these goals.

As a dog trainer, you will also have to work with people.

To succeed, you must have communication skills and for this you need to be naturally comfortable with people. A good dog trainer will be successful if he is willing to give time and effort. In your dog trainer career, you will meet many types of behavior problems with different breeds of dogs. You will need to be constantly updated on new training techniques by attending seminars, workshops and conferences.

As a professional dog trainers, you might earn an income of around $ 150 an hour. CLANIMAL confirms that a career as a dog trainer can be extremely satisfying and rewarding.

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