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Since several years now, non-professional beekeepers practice this breeding as a hobby, but before you begin this exercise, you absolutely must follow a beekeeping course.

Currently, there is a great demand in the food and pharmaceutical industry for honey. Beekeepers are all over the world, such as America, Africa, Asia and Europe. All these beekeepers are trying to feed a huge market. Obviously, professional beekeepers will have the biggest share of the market, but there are also non-professional beekeepers producing more and more quality honey.

It must be said that beekeeping is very complex and critical, this means of course that you have to follow a beekeeping course if you want to start a career or even a hobby.

The beekeeping today represents a market of over a billion dollars and if you want to succeed in this market you should follow a beekeeping course in a specialized institution.

On the other hand, if your family practice the profession of beekeeper for many years, you may have acquired the necessary knowledge from the members of your family who are beekeepers, but you will always have to update on new beekeeping techniques offered by different seminars and workshops you will be invited to.

To become a beekeeper, you will need to have a knowledge about weather and climate conditions, as nature’s whims have a very strong impact on beekeeping. You will also learn in depth the different hives that you will use for the breed, such as their size and layout.

About bees, although they have defenses, they could be a victim of enemies such as wasps, mites, moths, hornets and even bears! That’s why you’ll need good basics in beekeeping to prevent and protect your bees against these natural predators.

Finally, you should have equipment to protect yourself from bee stings. If you want to install hives on your land, CLANIMAL advise you to consult the government regulations in your area to see if you can install beehives and if your neighbors will accept you owned some. Most of the time, the production and processing of honey are important to avoid waste and unnecessary spills. This is often regulated by government authorities.

You understand that beekeeping is a complex business and that you must have a lot of knowledge about bees, because you have to feed them during winter or you risk losing them. So if you want to become a beekeeper, even part-time, you will need to follow a specialized a beekeeping course.

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