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If you are looking for border terrier puppies for sale, it is important to learn about this dog before visiting the first breeder you’ll meet.

The border terrier is a solid small dog with quiet short and usually dark muzzle. It also has big spaced dark eyes. Ears are V-shaped and are located on the side of its head. The border terrier has strong teeth and cheeks and nose are dark. The border terrier has a medium sized tail wider near the dog’s body but that narrows at its end.

Border terrier puppies for saleThe border terrier comes from England and Scotland in the Cheviot Hills, making it one of the oldest breeds from Britain.

The border terrier was used for many years by farmers. It was used a lot to chase the fox away from the pastures and kill it. Thanks to its small size, it was easy for it to follow the fox up inside its burrow.

Moreover, this dog was hunting to survive, because its masters at the time did not give it food to make a better hunter. The border terrier was hunting rats and mice for food but was also used as a badgers hunter. It was only in 1920 that this dog has been recognized by the British Kennel Club.

The border terrier has good temperament, but it must be remembered that this is a hunting dog.

It will always be alert and will demonstrate a great courage if it is placed in a defense situation. If you have a family, this dog will make an ideal companion for your children because it is sociable and likes to play. It could even play for hours if you give it the opportunity. The border terrier is a dog that wants to please its master and it will be easy to train, because it is a very clever dog. Usually you will have no problems regarding your dog’s relationship with other neighborhood dogs especially if you stay with it.

As a master, you have to be firm to teach it obedience, because he has a hunting instinct, that dog will tend to follow its instincts and could go after other dogs to simply chase them away. That is why it is not advisable to leave it unattended with other dogs.

CLANIMAL suggest you to train this dog, because the border terrier is an active animal and its hunting instinct could quickly become a problem.

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