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There are so many different breeds of cats that  it might be difficult for you to choose which will be best for you.

But the best way to choose the breed of cat that suits you will be to determine what temperament suits you the best.

One of the first things to consider when you want to buy a cat, is either you want an indoor or outdoor cat. The indoor cat is a cat that you will continually keep at home, unlike the outdoor cat who will have a lot more freedom. He may hunt at will all kinds of small animals and sometimes bring them home to the great displeasure of some owners.

Breeds of catIn this article, it will be difficult to describe over 70 different breeds of cats, however, there are some breeds much more popular than others such as the Siamese, Abyssinian, Burmese, and Persian.

Siamese cats are without a doubt one of the most popular breeds of cat that are among the top five of all breeds of cat alike. The Siamese cat is intelligent, its body is light color, but its face, its tail, the legs and ears are darker. Siamese cats are shorthaired and are perfect for those who do not like to groom regularly.

Abyssinian cats have inherited this name because they were imported in Europe first from an African country known as Abyssinia that will later become Ethiopia. This type of cat is extroverted by nature, which means he is playful, friendly, active and curious. So if you want a rather quiet cat, this cat does not suit you at all.

For those looking for an affectionate cat, a Burmese will be perfect for you.

Burmese is a medium-sized breed of cat with a muscular body. The Burmese cat is perfect for indoors because its instinct push it to  protect itself from predators. This cat breed is perfect for children because of its calm and easygoing nature.

Finally, if you still want to get a purebred cat, Persian cat is a cat who likes to sleep next to its master, because it needs a lot of attention from your part, but it is not obsessive about it. Persian is a perfect cat breed for those seeking tranquility and affection of their pet.

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