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There is in this world a lot of breeds of cats.

When the time comes for you to choose a particular breed of cat, you have to consider many factors such as the breed of cat, its origin, its body, its fur, your sensitivity to allergies, maintenance and especially your style life.

Each cat breed is unique and has its own features, so you must make sure to choose the domestic cat breed that suits your needs the best.

Each cat breed has its particular body shape and style. For example, the Siamese cat is very different from the Persian cat. Each breed of cats you’ll encounter has features of its own. Some breeds have a longer hair, while others will have no hair like the sphinx. Besides having a very different physical appearance, each breed of domestic cat has its temperament. Some cat breeds are very playful while other breeds of cats will be much calmer.

There is a huge difference between cats temperaments and it is very important for you to consider it.

Take for example an elderly person living alone, it will be easier to live with an indoor cat as the Abyssinian. On the other hand, a family with children could easily choose the munchkin cat which is a very playful and curious cat.

For those who are allergic to cats, you must understand that this problem is due to different allergens produced by the cat. This problem could be solved if you neuter your cat or if you choose a shorter hair cat.

About grooming you cat, each cat breed will require more or less time.

For example if you choose a cat with short hair, you will need much less time to do its grooming than with a long-haired cat as the Persian cat. But all the cat breeds together require particular attention to protect them at least against fleas and ticks, getting products sold on the market.

It is important for you to notice that a domestic cat can easily live up to 15 years. This means that your partner will stay with you for 15 years and that it will have to adapt to your family and your lifestyle.

CLANIMAL advise you to visit some professional cats breeders to help you to make a careful selection on the cat breed that best suits your situation.

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