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If you plan to purchase a dog, it would be wise of you to explore the different characteristics of different breeds of dogs to determine what breed will fit to you and your family.

It is important to find a dog that will fit best with your personality, your lifestyle and of course your wallet.

According to CLANIMAL specialists, people do not take enough time to choose the right breed of dog and this can cause problems between dogs and owners due to incompatibility of character.

To use a simple example to understand this situation, let’s take the example of a passionate gardener who adopt a fox terrier.

Fox terrier as it is train to dig to find vermin, it would soon sack the garden of our home gardener, which means that this dog breed would be incompatible with his lifestyle.

So how to choose the right breed of dog ? Here are some points you should consider before making the purchase of your future racy dog.

Do you have experience with dogs? Indeed, some breeds of dogs such as Border Collies, are considered to have a strong character.

Their instinct will work to continually challenge you on your ” leadership ”, if you do not have much experience, this could become a problem, on the other hand this breed of dog is highly trainable, especially with of a professional training school.

If for example you have a family with children, you should choose a breed of dog suitable for children, but it is very important to train your children to handle the dog properly, because even a calm and tolerant dog can bite if it is injured or frightened.

The dog’s size is an important factor to consider.

If you live in a small apartment, it will be inappropriate to choose a large dog which needs lots of exercise. You could then choose a small dog that requires less exercise. Grooming your dog is also a task that you must do regularly. Choosing a dog with long hair may be uncomfortable for a person who doesn’t have much time.

To be sure to choose the right breed of dog, CLANIMAL advises to discuss with other people on its website but also to visit several breeders who have experienced staff who will ask the right questions to determine for you the best breed of dog that you could adopt.

And for you to live a beautiful story as well with a companion, start by completing (click here: “Matchmaking Dogs with you” our questionnaire that matches a dog to your personality, and please share it with your friends and family to help another dog and its future guardian!

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