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Cat behavior problems can sometimes be a source of problems for many owners of domestic cats.

As you may already know, the domestic cat has evolved from wild animals and this can cause some behavior problems. Your cat may have problems with its litter, urine spraying and aggressive behavior. These behavioral problems can be very frustrating and affect your relationship with your cat.

Cat behavior problemsAmong the behavioral problems that you might be the victim of, is the refusal of your cat to use the litter box.

This could be caused by health problems, stress or simply if your cat litter has not been cleaned properly.

Sometimes your cat may have aggressive reactions caused by the meeting of another cat or a person it does not know. Sometimes, when you play with your cat, he may try to bite you because he has not learned that he could hurt you. Even if your cat is more independent than dogs, you can still teach it to be careful.

A simple way to show your dissatisfaction would be simply stop playing with your cat when it begins to bite you. A conventional method is to use a water spray that you will use every time your cat will try to bite you. It is simple, but it works.

If you have a male cat that is not neutered, it may urine around your house to mark its territory.

The urine of male cats has a very strong smell and could quickly become a problem. If possible, you might consider having your cat neutered to eliminate this unpleasant behavior problem.

Another behavior problem that your cat could have, is an early awakening in the morning.

It is important to consider that your cat will sleep for much of the day. The solution would be to play with it in the evening so he can sleep longer in the morning. In this way, you will change its schedule in just a few weeks.

Most of your cat behavior problems can be solved by trying to determine why it behaves this way. If you have trouble, you can ask an animal behavior specialist to help you better understand your cat. But with a stable environment and a lot of attention, it might be enough to solve the majority of cat behavior problems.

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