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If you feel the need to hire a behaviorist cat, you could start by talking to your veterinarian who may be able to recommend a qualified professional.

The cat behaviorists are experts in animal behavior and will be able to give you advice on how to solve problems you may have with your pet. When you meet the behaviorist, you will explain your cat’s behavior problems, symptoms, and of course the methods you have used to try to solve your cat’s behavior problems by yourself.

Even if your vet suggests a behaviorist, it would be wise to ask about his experience and especially his success rate.

You could for example ask for a list of customers  with whom you could talk to reassure you on their level of experience and professionalism. If he refuses, it could be a clue that this behaviorist is trying to hide something.

If you have confirmation that your behaviorist is well qualified, you might ask him how many treatments  your cat will need and if there will be a follow-up training. Many behaviorists will prefer to work directly to your home. In this way they can observe your cat in its natural environment to better understand its undesirable behavior.

For example, an old cat which begins to have an undesirable behavior will probably need a lot of time and patience to fix the problem. But meeting a behaviorist could greatly facilitate this task, because he will probably have solutions for you.

But if bad habits of your cat are deep, it may need, indeed, a behavioral therapist who will implement specific training techniques in terms of age and health of your cat.

Often, your cat behavior problems will be caused by boredom. A cat needs to play with its master and being alone for too long could be the source of bad behavior of your cat.

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