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Your cat begins to experience behavioral problems such as aggression?

There is nothing worse than an aggressive cat, always angry. It could be dangerous to the people who surround it especially if its anger is directed against them.

Cat behaviorsMost of your cat behavior problems have been acquired since childhood. For example if you played with your kitten aggressively and let it bite you, once adult, it will keep bite you, but with great intensity.

Yelling on your cat will not help it to correct a behavioral problem.

Your cat would develop a great fear of you and if your cat is very aggressive, it could become even more aggressive towards you. A cat who is angry against its master will develop even more negative behavior until the day you decide to simply get rid of it, which is very sad for both you and your cat.

A simple technique you can use is a water sprayer. It is well known that cats hate water and spraying it  for bad actions could quickly teach it not to reproduce, as the proverb says, angry cat fears cold water.

Also, many owners will let their cat alone for too long. Loneliness and boredom can change your cat and make it aggressive. It is important, if you are not often at home, leave toys for your cat to have fun. A scratching post will also be advised, as when it is making its claws, it has a relaxing effect for your cat.

Your cat may also have bad behavior with other cats and sterilization is commonly used by many owners solution.

A neutered cat will not have its territorial and sexual instinct any longer.

If despite your best efforts, your cat still have a bad behavior, CLANIMAL advise you to consult a professional in animal behavior. This person will be able to identify the causes and effects of the bad behavior of your cat.

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