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There are in the world more than 70 different cat breeds and all these breeds of cats have their own characteristics.

If you currently own a pet cat, you may have noticed the particular features of your cat, making it a unique animal. Most cats are adorable, energetic and very curious. Some cat breeds have more obvious features, but even among the cats of the same breed, you may notice very personal characteristics.

One of the most popular features on domestic cats is that they are less dependent on humans for affection and attention, unlike the dog, he is extremely dependent on its master.

One of the best-known cat features is its hunter skill.

It’s a bit why human society has gradually tamed this animal. Cats are natural predators and have been used for centuries to hunt rats and mice in houses and farms. Cats are very clever animals and they can learn human devices such as opening doors everywhere in your home or drink water out of the sink.

Most people will favor the adoption of a cat rather than a dog because cats are easier to maintain.

They require less space and they are naturally clean. One of the major characteristics of a cat is that it will still defecate in the litter box and you’ll never need to make it do its walk outside like a dog. The cat will also be less likely to destroy objects like the dog could do with your furniture or other accessories installed in your home. On the other hand, a negative feature about cats is that it could do its claws on the fabric of your furniture or curtains.

If you are currently looking for a cat to adopt, CLANIMAL suggest you to visit some official breeders. The staff there will be able to advise you properly according to the features you could ask them for your future cat.

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