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The intelligence of the cat is no longer a secret. Thousands of videos available on the Internet prove that the cat has a very high intelligence.

Understanding the steps of your cat’s development will help you to develop its intelligence. Most of the people who will want to adopt a domestic cat will automatically choose a kitten. The popular belief is that the younger is the cat you choose, the better will be the relationship with its new family and its new owner.

When a person wants to buy a kitten, the first question he will ask is about the cleanliness of the kitten, that is to say if he is able to go by itself in its litter. Fortunately, in most cases, it will be the mother who will teach the kitten to defecate in the litter, this is not a proof of intelligence, but rather an instinctive behavior. Indeed, the cat tends to those needs in the same place and the litter has been designed to respond specifically to this instinctive behavior. No link with the intelligence of your cat.

People often tend to confuse instinct and intelligence.

In a way, this could be a valid concept because the animals are not only motivated by their instinct. Indeed, thanks to their ability to learn, they can easily adapt to their new life in your family. Unfortunately, many new kitten owners will think that their new pet will be able to know the rules they are not yet able to understand.

When a new kitten arrives in your home, you need to show a lot of patience.

The development of your kitten will extend over six months and it will go through all kinds of steps you’ll need to know in order to understand it better. Cats that are not neutered will develop around the age of 6 months a dominating behavior by marking their territory, the one in which you live. Sterilization can solve this problem quickly and your cat will always remain a cheerful young teenager.

Your cat will develop its intelligence gradually adapting to the rules of your family and it will quickly understand you better and find the way to be understood when it has very specific needs.

When the time to train your cat has come, it will not help yelling or beating it to make you listen. If you do, your cat will probably develop behavior problems and then it will be difficult to keep it at home.

Some cat breeds have specific behaviors and some are more suited than others to live in a family. Take the time to get information before choosing a kitten.

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