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This may be hard for humans to understand exactly what is going on in the head of a cat.

The cat psychology is still today a great mystery, as cats are independent, even lonely, which makes them even more difficult to understand.

The psychology of your cat will push it to do things in its own way and there is today no training system that will overcome this animal.

It is obvious that the cat can be trained for example to come to us when it is called by its name,it can also learn to travel by car or in a backpack. One thing is sure, your cat will do things not because you want to, but because he wants to. This is a very common aspect of the cat psychology.

Cats are very curious animals with their environment, they love to investigate new things. For example if you bring a new box at home, it will go around and sniff it for a while, it might even play with this new box. If you move to a new home, your cat will tend to go hiding. But once it will feel safe, you can be sure it will inspect its new home in the smallest details.

Another fascinating aspect of the cat psychology is its memory.

It is said that the cat has a memory almost equal to the elephants’ one. For example, if you have a cat for the first time and you treat it with kindness, it’s possible that in the future it recognizes you and gives you signs of affection. On the other hand, if you walk on its tail, do not expect to be forgiven until it deems that you are no longer a danger to it. You will need a lot of patience to regain its confidence.

The psychology of your cat is extremely complex because it’s a bit like trying to understand the human mind without being able to ask questions. But one thing is certain, most cats, if treated well, will love their family unconditionally and they will demonstrate it unrestrained.

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