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The cat rehoming can be a necessity for some owners. By cons, it can become very difficult to choose a new home for your beloved animal.

To transfer your cat, you can follow some steps to ensure the best possible result. The different steps that CLANIMAL suggests you will ask you time, because the transfer of your pet may not be so hasty especially if you still have affection for your pet.

Cat rehomingTo find a new owner for your cat, you can use various tools to help you to find the best person possible.

You might try to advertise in your community by placing ads in veterinary offices or groomers. In fact, you can place an ad in all places likely to find animals lovers. Feel free to include a picture. It is important to include in your ad the most possible details about your cat. You can even include the type of home you are looking for it.

Another place where you could find the future master of your cat will be a charity for animals as a shelter for cats.

It will often be the first place that people will visit to be able to find a cat rehoming. On the other hand, these agencies may be saturated with cats in some periods of the year and after a while, your cat should be euthanized.

On the other hand, beware of unofficial websites where you could place a cat rehoming message.

For this kind of website, there is a disturbing trend: some will take your pet for free and then try to sell it to anyone.

If you are looking for a cat rehoming, try to reach the owner to ask any questions you feel necessary. The previous owner, if he is honest and still feels affection for his cat, will be able to advise you and talk with you about his cat, in this way you will be able to know your future pet.

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