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Spreading the word

We started to ask people to be in our advisory board. Soon we received replies from renowned elephant people who have experience with captive elephants and elephants in the wild, founders of sanctuaries, zoo keepers and vets. In July 2012 we went to see the Dalai Lama, and in September 2012, Elephant Haven released […]

The African elephants

After informing our friends, colleagues and family, we went on to “create” Elephant Haven. Of course, we both were still working as full time zookeepers at the zoo. I always worked with Asian elephants so experience was needed with African elephants, since Elephant Haven will welcome both species. We keep in contact with other people […]

Launching Elephant Haven

The website and the Facebook page were set up just before we left to launch Elephant Haven at the PAWS elephant summit in March 2012 in Oakland Zoo. Together with Leonie and her husband Barry we started up Elephant Haven. Leonie was the director of “Wilde dieren de tent uit” and Barry IT specialist. Due […]

The Founder’s Syndrome

Because there is no sanctuary for elephants in Europe, we first went to talk to refuges for other animals like birds, foxes, and owls. The first one said it was a stupid idea and not necessary. But luckily we got more advice from other ones. We talked with the studbook keepers of Asian and of […]

Where do we start?

…but where do we start? In 2011 I stayed in Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai in Thailand  for 3 months .  Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary in the North of Thailand where they rescue elephants from the tourist industry, logging industry and landmine victims. After being volunteers there the year before with […]

Elephant Haven The Beginning

Elephant Haven,  The first retirement home for elephants in Europe. Everybody loves elephants, love to watch them in the wild, on T.V., in a zoo, in a circus…. But where are elephants going to when they are too old to be in the circus, when a country is banning the wild animals in circuses or […]
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