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If your cat has a bad behavior, it’s probably your fault. Indeed, most of the bad behaviors in domestic animals have been developed because of human beings.

The bad behavior of a cat does not necessarily prove that the cat is bad, this may simply show that it was badly trained or has been mistreated in the past. This often happens if you adopt a cat from a breeder who does not take care of his animals. Same thing if you find your cat in an animal shelter. Often these animal shelters take cats in who have been mistreated or have simply been left to themselves for a long period of time.

Cats behaving badlyWhen you visit animal shelters, this is a good thing because you could save the life of an animal abandoned by its master.

Here are some signs that can help you to detect if your pet is experiencing behavior problems. Shyness, scare or panic state, are small things that might help you to better understand it or even avoid its adoption. There are few people who will take or just have time to rectify the behavior acquired by the cat in the past.

Some bad behavior of the cat will be caused by a lack of attention from you. Many cat owners are complaining that their cat is no longer relieving itself in the litter.

This may be enough for the owner to decide to get rid of his cat. This may be understandable because it is very unpleasant to have to clean the droppings of your pet. Often, this will be caused by a too dirty litter. The cat is a clean animal and it hates to defecate in a messy place. Cleaning regularly the litter box is often enough to solve the problem.

Another bad cat behavior will occur during a relocation.

Cats are animals with habits, and any change in their habits oblige them to change their behavior. So it is advisable to make changes as smoothly as possible, so your cat will gradually adjust itself to its new environment.

Remember that the bad behavior of the cat can be caused by its owner and this is the direction you need to look first before you get rid of your cat, most of the time, there is a simple solution that will solve your problem permanently.

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