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If you are in search of ​​cheap dog kibble, maybe you should keep reading this article where we will try to convince you that bad quality food could harm the health of your dog greatly.

Indeed, all the food you will find in supermarkets or in specialized pet stores will not be the same quality. Often cheap dog kibble does not contain enough protein, which will fail to satisfy his insatiable hunger.

Cheap dog kibble

Most dog owners will agree that a product really cheap will not have the same virtues as a better product. But many do not realize how these differences may affect the health of their dog in the medium and long term.

Some dog kibble ​​more expensive than others will not mean they contain more protein than any other competing brand. Many dog ​​kibble will be composed of filling food as cereal flour. It is clear that there is strong competition in this field and most companies will do anything to draw your attention to their packaging by registering on these Premium food or other qualifier.

Do not be fooled and take the time to read the label on the packaging concerning the list of ingredients included in your dog kibble.

Obviously, with a large percentage of meat, the food will be better.

Although sometimes you see dogs eating sweets or ice cream, be aware that this could be harmful to it, because your dog is a carnivore, not an omnivore as a human being. Check  also kibble water content because the water adds weight to food and as you may already know, dog food is sold by weight, so the more water the food contains, the heavier it will be, but that does not mean it will be nourishing, quite the contrary!

On CLANIMAL website, you will find a lot of informations about dog food and we advise you to choose the best food possible to ensure that your dog is healthy and live much longer with you.

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