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Currently, there are more than sixty chicken breeds that are on the market. Understand and select the chicken breed that will be most suitable for you can be a painful process.

The selection of a particular chicken breed can be based on the shape, size and breed that suit the best to your specific needs. However with a little reading and research, you could shorten the selection process. You simply need some insight and understanding about the different chicken breeds for sale on the market.

Chicken breedsChicken breeds are generally classified into two categories mainly based on their size.

These two categories are bantams and large chickens. Before you start choosing chickens for your backyard, you absolutely must know the size of the chickens that you will buy. The area where you will place the chickens will determine the size that you will choose and the number of chickens you want to have in your backyard.

Bantam chickens are the smallest chickens you will get. If you have limited space in your backyard, this chicken will probably fit. One advantage of this breed of chickens is that they are very domesticated. They will also lay eggs much smaller than other chickens. This is another important factor to consider when buying a particular breed of chickens.

The breed of large chickens is producing A category eggs. If your goal is to get chickens that lay eggs for commercial purposes, then this will be the ideal breed for you.

Before buying a particular breed of chickens, it is also important to understand the natural needs of your chickens. It will be important for you to provide a large enough space for them to move without being locked up all day long. Chickens like to hunt their own food and this is also why they are constantly scratching the ground.

Here are some chicken breeds that will be the best for your backyard: the Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, gold comets and Delawares. More and more cities in America will accept that you have chickens on your balcony. Check with your municipality if you have the right to do so and if it does, you will always have fresh eggs in the morning for breakfast.

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