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The crested gecko is a choice more and more popular among reptile lovers. Although this animal requires a special care, the crested gecko is perfect for beginners.

Many experienced reptile owners will also choose the crested gecko, because it is a pet easy to manage. The crested gecko is available in a large variety of patterns and colors and this has certainly contributed to help increase the popularity of this animal. Beside about it, more and more farmers try geckos by mating to produce various colors of geckos to the delight of lovers of these reptiles.

Crested gecko careThe crested gecko is nocturnal, which means that most of its activities are taking place at night while you sleep.

This is important to know because if you want a lizard that will accompany you during the day, you may be disappointed by choosing a crested gecko.

You will need, when adopting your new crested gecko, to purchase a lighting system that will be able to produce UV rays that are absolutely necessary to the health of your crested gecko. Installing a lamp that emits UV rays in a small cage can be a challenge, on the other hand, the crested gecko will need only a small amount of UV rays.

Unlike most reptiles, the crested gecko is omnivorous, that is to say he can eat fruits and vegetables as well as insects and meat. This means for you that you can easily find food for your new crested gecko.

If you have decided to choose the crested gecko as a pet, you will need to give special care as buying a cage in which it will be comfortable.

In nature, crested geckos are arboreal that is to say they tend to live in the trees. They also like to have places to hide to feel safe. The crested gecko will be comfortable at temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it is advisable, to take care of your gecko, to spray the inside of the cage with water to keep them hydrated and to provide them the humidity they need.

Finally, if you want to handle your crested gecko, it will take you much time, because your pet will need to feel safe before being manipulated. To this end, it is advised not to handle your crested gecko more than fifteen minutes at a time.

If this is the first time you want to adopt a reptile, the crested gecko will be an excellent choice because it does not require much care and it will keep you company from 10 to 15 years.

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