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The crested gecko is an adorable creature and is very easy to handle, as this reptile species do not bite and have almost no aggression. It’s a perfect pet for those who want to adopt a reptile for the first time.

The crested gecko can be found in different colors and patterns that are very pleasing to look at. Many breeders of geckos practice controlled mating to create new colors between the different species of the same strain, thus increasing the popularity of this animal as a pet.

Crested geckoThe crested gecko comes mainly from New Caledonia islands.

This place is located in the northeast of Australia. This is Mr. Alphonse Guichenot who had the chance in 1866 to discover and describe the beauty of the crested gecko. For years, people have believed that the crested geckos had disappeared, but fortunately in 1994 the crested gecko was rediscovered.

This lizard race lives in the tropics at low altitude. It can be found in abundance in tropical forests and can be spotted in areas located on the treetops at about 15 to 20 feet off the ground. They are mainly nocturnal creatures who will sleep most of the day. It is the night that they will be more active and will hunt for food. These reptiles have the chance to be equipped with adhesive toes and a pad on the tail that will facilitate their work for climbing tall trees.

For reptiles lovers, to choose the crested gecko as a pet is a great idea.

For those who want to farm, it will be quite easy as the crested gecko does not require much care. It takes about nine months before the crested gecko reaches sexual maturity, it is at this age that you can start reproduction.

For breeding crested gecko, you might choose to have one male and one female, but it is advisable to have at least four females for one male. If you have more females, this could cause problems of overcrowding, a decrease in eggs production, infertility and stress. If you are lucky enough to have eggs, it will take between 65 and 75 days of incubation.

CLANIMAL advise you, if you want to breed crested gecko, to be well informed before and especially to ask for advice from people who know very well reptiles and especially crested gecko.

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