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There are many differences between frogs and toads, but at first glance, they are alike.

This is due to the fact that the toad is actually a kind of frog, but it is not considered as a real frog. Here, we will enumerate the similarities between the two species. Both species are amphibian and they have a very similar body structure. They share the same diet and they have the same predators. Finally, they both are born in water and they start their lives as tadpoles.

We will now enumerate the features of the frog.

The frog has long legs that facilitate the task when the time has come to swim and jump. Thanks to their webbed feet, they can swim much faster. We find some frog populations around the world except Antarctica.

The frog mainly lives in the water or near a body of water. They lay their eggs directly into the water where they are protected by a thick gelatinous substance. The skin of the frog is smooth and shiny. It does not drink water directly from its mouth, but it absorbs it through the skin. The frog is a cold-blooded animal and must hibernate during the winter. There is a significant difference between male and female frog. You can tell the difference by looking at their eyes and ears. The male frog has ears that are the same size as their eyes while the female frog has much smaller ears than their eyes. The frog will hiss and croak. Finally, some species will have teeth.

Here are the features of the toad.

They have short back legs that they use for walking instead of swimming and jumping. They also have webbed feet. Toads do not live in Australia, Madagascar, Polynesia or in the polar regions. They breed and lay their eggs in the water and they live mainly on land. The toad has a rough skin and it will prefer to live in dry climates. They have a wide, flat body to appear much bigger. Some toads have a skin texture that can protect them against predators. They do not have teeth and they are not edible.

CLANIMAL  has listed for you the existing major differences between these two similar species yet, but which have a life quite different.

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