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There are so many differences between the different cat breeds that it can be quite difficult to choose the cat that will suit you as a pet. But before choosing a cat, you have to take many things into consideration.

The first thing would be to know why you want a cat.

You are probably looking for a pet to keep you company if you are alone, or you want to offer a chat to your children for them to play with it. Some people will simply fall in love with a particular cat breed and this is the only reason why they want to purchase it.

Different cat breedsAnother question you can ask yourself is whether you can afford to have a chat. Because when you acquire a new cat at home, you must take into consideration that it will require special care.

For example, the initial cost for the vaccination and other vaccinations you’ll need to give to it on an annual basis. Will you be willing to pay for sterilization? The cat also requires maintenance as grooming. Will you be willing to spend the necessary time to carry out its grooming especially if you choose a breed of cat with long hair?

If you have other pets at home like a dog, is it going to tolerate the presence of your new cat in your family? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before making the purchase of a domestic cat breed.

If these issues are not a problem for you, CLANIMAL suggest you visit an animal shelter to choose your domestic cat.

You could find, not only the cat of your dreams, but you could also save the life of a cat that would otherwise have been euthanized if you did not adopt it. So it would be a good action on your part.

For those looking for a purebred cat, we recommend you to visit professional breeders who can count on an experienced staff who will be able to advise and explain the care you’ll need to give to your future purebred cat. But adopting a cat is not a thing you can do on a whim. Take your time to do research and check our website to ask questions to other owners of purebred cats who will happy to advise you properly.

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