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Currently there are many dog ​​breeds and this might be difficult for you to choose the race that best suits your needs and your situation.

Whatever dog breed you have decided to adopt, this should be considered as an important decision since your dog could live with you for years. Some dog breeds will be perfectly adapted to your situation and might give you years of pleasure, on the other hand, a bad selection of dog breed could easily become an extremely uncomfortable situation for you. This is often the cause of pet abandonments and it is usually very sad.

Dog breedsBefore adopting a breed of dog, it is important to take certain things into consideration.

Is your financial situation allows you to adopt this kind of dog? Do you have the lifestyle that could perfectly fit with a pet as a dog? Does the size of your family might influence the behavior of your dog? This may seem harmless questions, but they are really important.

Each breed of dog you will encounter has its own behavior and this may affect the type of breed you should choose.

Some dog breeds may require much more attention than others.

Other breeds may need more exercise, some would be more appropriate for family life with young children while other races could be simply to exclude. If for example you fall in love with a breed of dog, you must get informed, before you adopt it, about certain genetic diseases that may occur in the future. In this way you will be better able to make an informed selection based exclusively on facts.

CLANIMAL suggest you to take your time to choose the breed of dog that suits you best. Feel free to check around you on skilled dog breeders to fetch information. Most of the time, breeders have qualified staff who will be able to ask the good questions to find out if your family can think of adopting a particular breed of dog. Their help will be invaluable and you have no reason to do without it, because you will have to live for many years with this breed of dog you choose.

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