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Many dog ​​owners will be forced one day to bring their dog in a dog psychology center. This will be beneficial if you want to cure bad habits and annoying behavior traits of your dog.

Before starting to train your dog, it is imperative to have an overview of canine psychology to try to find out how your dog thinks and most importantly how it behaves before certain situations.

To understand dog psychology, it is important to understand that your dog ancestors are the wolves and the wolves live mostly in packs. In a wolf pack like a pack of dogs, there will always be an alpha male and an alpha female. Having the respect of your dog will propel you to the top of the pyramid to become the alpha male. In this way, training and lessons that you will give to your dog will be understood much faster because it will have respect for you.

Dog psychology centerThe trick to make your dog understand is to ensure that all the members of your family are considered upper-class members within the pack. In this way, you can be sure that even your children will be respected by your dog because it would take all your family members as alpha for which he must submit instinctively.

Here are some proven methods to make it clear to your dog that it is not the alpha member in your family.

It is important to never feed your dog in or near the dining room. It absolutely must eat in a separate area than yours. It is also strongly advised not to let your dog sleep on your bed, because this would give it the impression that it is your height and can enjoy the same comfort than you.

If your dog behave badly sometimes, a simple NO, loud enough to show it who is the real boss. If that is not enough, you may perform a physical punishment that could be a hit applied with some force, but not more, because it is no use beating a dog.

Finally, there is another important aspect of dog psychology and that is its inability to combine two events separated by a time interval.

For example, if your dog urinates on the floor and you notice only two hours after the event, at that time, no point to reprimand it because it will have already forgotten everything.

Here are just examples of canine psychology. If you wish to learn more, you can join a dog psychology center, this will help you to better understand your beloved dog.

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