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Nowadays there are many aids to dog training. All these methods are designed in order to help you train your dog so that it can obey you and have a better behavior within society.

When the time has come to choose an aid to dog training, it is highly recommended to use positive reinforcement that is designed to reward and encourage your dog rather than punish it if it does not do things as you wish. This method will teach it to change its behavior in anticipation of a reward while other dog training will instead focus their technique on fear and resentment. Fortunately, these techniques tend to be replaced with positive reinforcement.

Dog training aidsOne of the most important things, when you think about getting help to train your dog is the affection you have for it because your dog is constantly asking your approval and attention.

The affection you have does not mean that you will let it do anything it wants in the house, because this could be the source of the development of bad behavior. However, the fact of giving it a reward when it’s acting in the right way, with food or caresses, will have beneficial effects on its dressage.

The use of rewards such as food treats, has been proved incredibly effective as a training method. But again, this method must be determined because the fact of giving a treat to your dog for nothing special, could have opposite effects on its conditioning to obedience, since the reward will have no meaning for it. Indeed, it will not have the impression that it did something special for its treat.

For the method of positive conditioning works, you must make it change a specific behavior using a stimulating way for it, which will encourage it to work harder to get more rewards.

CLANIMAL strongly suggest to use all dog training aid that will focus on positive reinforcement using a reward when your dog will act appropriately according to specific commands. Finally, it will always be easier to teach discipline to your dog if it is happy and feels affection and respect for its master.

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