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The dog training collar is an excellent dressing tool that you can use every day to provide a good education for your dog.

As you may already know, dogs are naturally curious and love to explore their environment. One of the characteristics of a lack of training is that your dog will jump on you when he see you again after an absence. This type of behavior is not at all aggressive, but it might annoy more than one. By its nature, your dog just wants to greet you by showing majestically he is happy to see you.

Dog training collarThe dog training collar will serve you having a better control when you try to teach him the basics like sit or lie down.

Do you know a dog badly educated and who does not respect your orders could be very dangerous for your family under certain conditions.

But what is an electronic dog training collar?

In the vast majority, dog training collars are composed of a transmitter and a receiver which are used for training purposes. A dog training collar emits a beep followed by electrical stimulation that the dog will feel if he does not obey your specific order. Some dog training collars have an option that will disable electrical stimulation and will only enable sound to help your dog understand your order. Besides, we recommend this type of collar, because once your dog will understand electrical stimulation, it will also soon understand the sound stimulation.

Electrical stimulation from the training collar is not at all painful for your dog. To give you an idea, the shock emitted by the device is like an electric shock occurs when you rub your feet on carpet, anything to hurt your pet, but enough so that he understands and assimilates your order.

It is important to use this type of collar on the advice of a professional dog training, because if this device is used improperly, it could greatly affect the psychological health of your dog. It is also advisable to use this training collar for dog only when your pet will have more than six months.

You will find much more information on the website CLANIMAL for dog training collars, you can even ask questions to specialists who will be happy to answer you on the use of this unique training tool.

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