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You are about to acquire a domestic cat, but it is difficult for you to choose the breed of cat that will be the best for you.

Do not worry, there are lots of people in your position and we will help you through this small article to understand certain breeds of domestic cats.

One of the first things you’ll need to consider before making the selection of a domestic cat in particular, will be to know if you want an indoor or outdoor cat. Outdoor cats will be those who will be the most intelligent, but at the same time they will be more difficult to train. They will usually be less affectionate since you will not be its sole reason for existence.

Domestic cat breedsHere are some explanations about certain breeds of cats that are most popular with future owners.

Siamese cats are a fickle breed that require a lot of attention. These are cats that will usually make a lot of noise and it’s not good to leave them alone for too long because they could pick on your furniture and your curtains to demonstrate their dissatisfaction. On the other hand, they will be wonderful cats if you give them a lot of attention by playing and caressing them every day.

Siamese cats are very pretty to look at as they have blue eyes and small ears brownish.

This breed was made popular at the time of the Walt Disney film “Beauty and the Tramp.” In most cases, Siamese cats are affectionate animals that like human beings. When Siamese cats need attention, they will tend to meow louder until you give them the attention they need.

Another popular cat breed is the Persian cat. They have a long and beautiful shiny coat.

They are easy and gentle cats who will love to play. These cats are ideal if you have a family because they will have fun with your children without any risk. The Himalayas are the most popular breed among the Persian cats.

Finally, there is the alley cat breed.

This unofficial cat breed is the most common in homes. By choosing a alley cat breed, you might stumble upon a fantastic cat who will give you great affection and pleasure, sometimes much more than a purebred cat.

The best choice when you want a purebred cat, is going to see it where it stay, in order to have direct contact with the animal. You might be surprised how many cats are not breed and are available in protection centers for animals. Some people found the cat of their dreams without having to spend a lot of money as it would be the case for a cat purebred.

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