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Is a lynx could be used as a pet in a family?

If you find for example a baby lynx nearby, this animal will almost have the same behavior than a kitten, it will be playful and cute just like domestic cats. Outside the legal framework, there is a good chance that if you decide to adopt a lynx, you will regret it very quickly because there is a big difference between a tame animal and a domesticated animal.

Domestic lynxSpecifically, an animal will be considered tame if it is only used to deal with human beings, but to be domesticated it means he is able to live with you and he can walk freely in its immediate environment . Know that it takes many generations for an animal to be considered domestic, and the lynx is not one of those races considered domesticated.

The lynx is a mammal hunting just like the wolf and the large wild cats.

But as a baby, it will be much more submissive to you, so you can spend quality time playing with him. But when this kind of wild animal reaches adulthood, this soft malleability disappears completely, then you will face an adult predator who will follow his hunting instinct at all costs, this kind of wild animal is unpredictable and without warning it could decide to attack.

Take for example the domestic dog, we know very well that they are from the wolves that can easily kill a several hundred kilos elk , the fact that dogs have become domestic was caused by what is called the pédomorphisme, to be clear your dog or domestic cat is acting like a baby, it will never grow old on its character, because for many generations these animals will see you as a family member, it is not the case of the ” domestic lynx ”.

Some people who are desperate to have a domestic lynx will even remove their claws, which is simply cruel as the lynx is using them to groom.

So if you find a lynx, baby or adult, CLANIMAL advise you to immediately call your animal protection company in your area so it could pick it up and possibly return it to its natural environment.

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