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Animal By-Products

There are companies specialized in the production of by-product meals and meat meals (beef, chicken, lamb by-product meal, etc.) for pet food manufacturers. Let us take a quick look at the process: All the leftover called “by-products” is ground and put into a sort of big pot where the mixture is cooked at temperatures between […]

Which attitude to have in public (general)

Clanimal will never impose anything on anyone. However, when you notice all those situations daily that don’t make any sense, you have to agree that it’s more than time that society adjusts to the impact the animals have on our everyday life. It’s also more than time that society starts paying attention to an important and […]

Normal canine behaviours

I often get calls from people stating: “My dog digs in the yard, barks at the mailman, growls, chases cats! He’s crazy! How the heck can I get a normal dog?” What those persons don’t realize is that they have a normal dog. Normal behaviours Digging, barking when a stranger comes by, chasing small animals, […]


Now, in this part we will talk about negative reinforcements. Unlike positive reinforcements, these ones will reduce or prevent a behavior. They are negative to your dog, whether you were wishing for that behavior or not. In general, they are associated with pain or fear and/or insecurity. There are those that you control and that […]

Pet talks : How I discovered my 1st home?

I arrived at my new home, where my master lives, on January 24, 2009. It was my 9th week birthday! I know, we don’t know a lot at that age and anything we feel like doing goes through « our nose! ». Yeah! As you certainly know (I am sure lots of you do!), for us dogs, […]

Finally… Elephant Haven has the land!

It was not easy to go on but we were determined to find other, cheaper and if possible better land! And….one day we found it! Our 29-hectare of farmland, with woods, streams and lakes included. But was it a real or were my eyes deceiving me? It was for sale by two real estate agencies. […]

Road Safety (for the driver) (part 1)

In urban centers a horse is not a common sight, either being rode or driven. Some larger cities have carriage rides but out of safety for the horse those rides tend to stay in parks or on smaller streets. If you venture out to the country it is possible to come across a rider out […]

Sorry about the Inconveniences / Nos excuses pour les inconvénients

Like all websites, we can experiment from time to time “technological hiccups”…which we are unfortunately at the moment. We have very dedicated people working on it to resolve these as fast as possible. Please continue following us of in the meanwhile. Thanks for your understanding, patience and loyalty! “” Comme tous les sites, il […]

Diario de una naturalista

En estos días de primavera estoy viniendo a trabajar al Jardín Botánico en bicicleta y me resulta un buen momento para reflexionar sobre que va a ser lo siguiente que voy a escribir. Estaba pensando como el sueño de toda mi vida fue ser bióloga, y como finalmente por cuestiones académicas termine estudiando geografía ambiental, […]
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