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If you plan to breed exotic animals or just get one, the world of reptiles could probably interest you and crested gecko is the best choice you can do especially if you are just starting .

The crested gecko is a robust lizard easy to handle in addition to being irresistibly cute. You can spend hours handle it without demonstrating signs of aggressiveness or impatience. The crested gecko is the perfect choice for many fans of lizards and there are many reasons for this.

Eyelash crested geckoIndeed, one thing that makes these little beasts so adorable is their appearance. Some crested geckos have bright colorations that serve them to stand out from the others. The gecko could have orange, red and yellow colors. But some crested geckos will not have many colors and will instead be brown or gray. In this regard, more and more farmers will try to make couplings controlled so that their offspring has more colors and that to the delight of lovers crested geckos.

The name given to this reptile is due to the magnificent ridge that covers the top of its eyes and looks like eyelashes.

It is for this reason that many people will name the eyelash geckos. Eyelashes are compound of skin that has protrusions on the side of its head, which may extend to the base of its tail. If this animal was the size of a lion, it would make a scary animal like a huge dinosaur which is surely an ancestor.

Fortunately, the crested gecko is only 6 to 10 inches in length which makes it easy to handle.

Another important aspect to be considered for a crested gecko is that it could start singing when it is excited or frightened. It might be easy to compare its singing to that of a squeal, but do not worry, the crested gecko do not do this to bother and some owners have never even heard their crested geckos sing.

If you still want to purchase a crested gecko, either for personal use or to breed, it is important that you keep in mind that these animals are nocturnal, so you will not see them much during the day. As you may know already, reptiles have a very different behavior from cats or domestic dogs. However, if you take good care, they may get used to you and their curiosity could make them get out more of their cage.


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