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When you make the decision to buy a small home for your gerbil, you must pay close attention to the cage to make it lively and interesting for it.

Gerbil cagesThe cage of the gerbil will be the primary place where it will eat, play and sleep. This means that your new gerbil cage must be perfectly adapted to your pet. Otherwise it could completely ruin the life of your little gerbil.

The size of your gerbil cage is an important factor to consider because your gerbil needs space to move while browsing around. It will also need to run in its cage and above all to move easily inside it. Usually, the gerbil will need a cage of five gallons of space.

Obviously, there is no problem in choosing a cage a little smaller or a little bigger, but this size is absolutely necessary for the good life of your gerbil.

An important thing to consider when you choose a new cage for your gerbil will be to predict if you will have others in the future. A larger cage will allow you to buy new fellows for your gerbil without having to pay for a bigger cage.

Accessories for your gerbils are also important.

You will need to provide a dish of water so it can drink when it is needed. The addition of a birdhouse and a sandbox is also important so that your gerbil can entertain in them, but also use it to make its needs.

The gerbil is a rodent and it will chew something all day.

This is why it is important to provide toys inside the cage. Choose toys that are not toxic, as it may harm the health of your gerbil. You could for example put some wood chips in the cage and why not some hay, gerbils will love having fun chewing whatever you give them. For those who want to do a little more, you could put cardboard boxes in its cage trying to build one or two levels. This will delight your gerbil who will play and jump into its new little building.

Do not hesitate to ask for information to your petshop when it comes time to choose a new cage for your gerbil. Usually, employees have a lot of experience and they can give you great advice about cages of gerbils.

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