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When you finally find the German shepherd puppy of your dreams and bring it back home for the first time, then you should think about training for your puppy to train it, but also to establish a lasting relationship between you and it.

The German Shepherd is one of the dog breeds among the most popular in the world. It can be used in different tasks, such as police dog, guard dog, dog for the blind, etc. The German shepherd breed was developed in the 1800’s by Max Von Stephanitz. He is often called the father of the breed of German shepherd.

German shepherd puppy trainingEven if your German shepherd is only a puppy, you have to learn it immediately to socialize and obey your commands. Like many other dog breeds, the German Shepherd will be difficult to train if you use harsh methods or if you always yell at it. The German Shepherd was developed to be obedient and helpful.

Although you should always stand firm when training a German shepherd, you must always keep in mind that this dog is very intelligent and will learn much better if you do it with fairness, respect, consistency and of course love.

Like all puppies, your German Shepherd can not learn a lot during the first 21 days after birth.

He wants only to eat, drink and sleep. But also play sessions where its curiosity is constantly put to the test.

At this age, the German Shepherd puppy is still not clean and it may defecate all over the house. But once past 21 days, your puppy will begin to seek a more distant place to do its business. This is one of the first signs that your puppy is now ready to receive a little more elaborate education.

You can begin to teach it to come to you when you call its name, gesturing to get its attention.

Your dog will come to you excited. When it succeed for the first time this kind of feat, do not hesitate to reward it by stroking it happily. Its intelligence will allow it to immediately understand that it will be good for it to come to you when you call it next time. This is its first training using positive reinforcement.

Start training your German Shepherd puppy will give you much pleasure, because this dog is really nice.

The pleasure of having a German shepherd well educated and well trained will make you proud to own this dog and this all its life. But it is important to always keep in mind that you need to be the master of your dog, not the reverse, otherwise your dog will take the pack leader position and that’s when you’re going to have behavior problems. Stay firm with it, but never forget to give it a lot of affection and love.

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