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If you are looking for a golden retriever to give, know that you are very lucky, but before you make the purchase, even if it is given to you, still take the time to read this usefull informations.

When someone wants to give you a golden retriever puppy, it is important to ask certain questions in order to assess the quality and health of your puppy. For example, you might ask him since how long he owns a golden retriever, obviously the longer he will have had the dog, the better will be his knowledge regarding this particular type of dog. You can also ask him if his golden retriever had diseases and if this is the case you can ask for its vaccination book  and a medical report from its veterinarian. But do not be content of its answers, especially if you do not know this person for some time.

Golden retriever to giveNowadays, it is easy to find information on the Internet about the golden retriever.

For example on the CLANIMAL website you’ll find a lot of owners who will talk about their dog and you’ll even be able to ask them questions directly through our website. Remember that CLANIMAL website is a social network for pet lovers, so feel free to chat with the owners of Golden Retriever who will be happy to tell you about their dog, a wealth of information awaits you there, and that every day.

Once you have accumulated enough information about the golden retriever and the owner will have answered all your questions properly and that above all he has managed to reassure you about the quality of the dog, you could deal with him to purchase your new golden retriever.

It is important not to get fooled at your first meeting with the golden retriever, some new owners will choose the dog that will rush to them more than others that will stay together, this could be a sign of his sociability, but generally the golden retriever loves contact and it is always be enthusiastic to meet new visitors, that’s why you should not base your decision only on these parameters.

Whatever type of dog you want, it is important to take your time before choosing one and although to get information to learn more about the dog breed that you choose as the golden retriever is a lovable and loyal dog.

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