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If this is the first time you purchase a hamster, the seller probably suggested a small house for it.

The people who will take care of their hamster will usually provide it a functional cage well equipped that will serve them as a home throughout their lives. You will need to place in your hamster’s cage an exercise wheel, a bowl of food, a small bottle of water and a place for it to sleep. All this will be useful for your pet to be happy and healthy.

Hamster housesUsually, for hamsters houses are sold in pieces that you have to put together once arrived at home.

When you finish assembling the cage, the first thing to put inside will be 2-3 cm of litter which it will use to sleep and do its needs. Usually, the hamster will choose a corner of the cage that will always be the same for these droppings. It will use the other corner of its cage to store food. The hamster is a relatively clean animal and it will never eat at the same place where it poops. The hamster use to hide its food around its house in order to make provisions for later.

You will find in petshops more and more gadgets available for your hamster.

As these are animals that like to live and sleep in enclosed spaces, you can buy small plastic tubes that you will be able to assemble as a tunnel and where your pet will hide and have fun for hours. You may also make a small cave inside its cage so that it could hide and sleep. Some owners will voluntarily choose a translucent cage in order to follow their little animal in its activities. We must not forget that hamsters are nocturnal and you may have difficulties to see it during the day.

About food you should give to your hamster, you should always start by letting water inside its house so that it could drink when it feels the need.

Food for your hamster will be composed of seed mix, but you could also give it fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, hamsters tend to hide their food around and you’re going to see that when you go clean its cage. Your hamster house is the place where it will spend the majority of its life and that is why it is important to choose the hamster house that suits it.

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