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Housebreaking a puppy consists of the training process of teaching a pup where to relieve itself. It must be done as quickly as possible to ensure that the dog adopts good eliminating habits early on. Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to quickly and efficiently housebreak Housebreaking a puppya puppy:

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First, it is important to choose the potty method and the area that your pup is going to use. The area must be well defined and easy to identify for your dog. Once you have introduced the area to your dog, you must stay consistent with it so not to confuse the puppy which would make the transition more difficult.

Housebreaking a puppyOnce you have chosen the area inside your house where you want the puppy to relieve itself, you must choose whether you want to use newspapers or pee pads or if you prefer to use the crate technique.

If you decide to use newspapers in a cardboard box or pee pads, it is imperative that you lead the puppy there every time the dog needs to relieve itself. By repeatedly showing your dog where the appropriate potty area is, it will eventually learn and be able to do it on its own without being led there.

Housebreaking a puppy using the crate technique consists of leaving the puppy inside its crate and bringing it outside once a day to go potty!

It is particularly helpful in puppies that are unable to control their elimination and end up relieving themselves all over the house. This technique requires Housebreaking a puppydiscipline and consistence to be efficient, therefore it is imperative that you establish a routine to bring the puppy out every day at the same time.

Doing this will ensure that the puppy grows to be a well potty-trained dog. If you are unable to be at home in time to bring your dog out, you should designate another person to do it for you. For this reason, this method of housebreaking a puppy might not be the best choice if you have a very busy lifestyle.

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