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Here is some information about cats. The scientific name of the domestic cat is Felis Catus in Latin and it is a carnivorous mammal of the felidae family.

Domestic cats are appreciated by people not only as a pet, but also as an animal able to hunt vermin. It’s a bit that way the cat was domesticated over generations. Farmers that had a lot of harmful vermin began to use cats so they can hunt them and it is in this way that the cat began to approach humans to get food more easily.

Information about catsDomestic cats have a lifespan of approximately 14 years. In recent years, life expectancy statistics are increasing and this could be caused by the quality of the food and their way of life within your family.

Here are some interesting facts about the cats.

At birth, all cats will have blue eyes. The color of their eyes will change when they reach the age of 12 weeks. The small access door a cat will use to enter or leave the house and can be found on some homes’ doors was invented by Isaac Newton.

Even if your cat is carnivorous, it likes certain herbs such as parsley, sage and the famous catnip. Usually a cat will enjoy its food at room temperature. If you throw a treat to your cat and it seems difficult for it to find it, it is because it is not able to see directly under its nose. Finally, people who have a cat’s phobia suffer ailurophobia.

To conclude, here is amazing information about cats.

Cats will tend to bury their excrements to cover their tracks against potential predators. The cats will enjoy eating using a clean bowl that will always be placed at the same location. If you want to prevent your cat to go in sensitive areas, simply sprinkle the perfumed lemon or use an air freshener with orange scent, these cats hate fruit smells.

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