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It’s me or the dog? This is a common question which is asked for in most dog training centers by the owners.

Just like us, dogs are imperfect and many dog ​​behavior problems are due to poor training of the owner and especially by the lack of knowledge about the breed of dog they chose initially. Here are some common mistakes that some owners will do and that will lead to a bad dog behavior.

It's Me or the DogA lack of training of the master is one of the main reasons leading to bad dog behavior. If, for example, a master constantly lets his dog pulling on its leash, it will lead the dog to develop bad behavior.

Some teachers will also reinforce bad behavior of their dogs.

An owner who is poorly trained could push its dog to develop bad behavior as in the following example: every time your dog wants to go home, it is scratching the door with its claws and so that it doesn’t destroy the paint of your door, you finally let go, at that time, your dog learns it has only to scratch the door with force so it can get inside the house. In fact, you react not for the sake of your dog, but yours!

Another way to develop poor behavior for your dog is to let it alone too long.

Some people will work almost 12 hours a day and they will not have enough time to spend with their dog. The dog will feel alone and will develop all sorts of behaviors to get attention from its master, until the total exasperation. The animal shelters are full of dogs that have developed bad behaviors because of their master who chose to get rid of them rather than to train them.

Another behavior problem that could be developed is if you leave your dog alone all day tied up in your yard.

It could become aggressive and even dangerous for the people who come nearby. You could build it a security fence inside which it could feel much freer than with a chain around its neck.

Finally, there is no point to hit and yell at your dog as it will feel  your aggressiveness. Often the dogs will also develop aggressive and antisocial behavior.

If you are still wondering, “it’s me or the dog”, the answer could be me, that is to say that you have a bad behavior towards your dog. The best, if you have behavioral problems with your dog, would be to go as soon as possible in a official dog training center so that it can help you to have better relationships with your domestic dog.

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