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The dog kennel is a place where you can purchase a new dog or if you already have one, this will be the perfect place to board it if you decide to take holidays without him.

Once your dog will be placed in a boarding kennel, they will have to deal with it, that’s where the trust comes in.

So how to trust in a kennel rather than another to put your dog on board?

Kennel for dog

The first thing you must do is to be aware of the current place, that is to say where your dog will stay during your holidays. Your first impression will be the best, if during your first visit you have a bad feeling, forget this place right away because you will be worried about your dog for the duration of your holidays.

If, on the other hand the place looks clean and attractive, and if during your visit you have the impression that dogs are happy and healthy, this is an excellent sign.

Before placing in pension your dog in the kennel, do not hesitate to ask the owner, as you love animals you’ll immediately be able to feel if the owner of the kennel love too. Do not hesitate to ask him to meet the employees so as to get a better idea. After all, the owner is not always there and it is them who in reality will take care of your pet. Do not hesitate to trust your instincts.

If you are unable to find a suitable kennel for your dog, CLANIMAL suggest doing research with your friends or a family member that could take care of in your absence. About the people around you, you certainly have people who love animals just like you and who may have already met your dog, it will be much easier for it to acclimate to its new environment, at least for the duration of your holiday.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice from our specialists on CLANIMAL website, you may find someone who will give you good advice and may even suggest a dog kennel near your home.

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