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Kitten behavior is an important factor to consider when you go to purchase a new kitten.

In this article we will try to explain the good behavior the teacher should have so the kitten becomes sociable and easy-going in the future.

When your kitten is with its mother, it will learn by imitating it. But when your kitten is weaned, it is you who will have the responsibility to teach it the behaviors to socialize it so that it becomes a stable adult cat in your family.

Kitten behaviorKittens are naturally playful and it is a good way to get in touch with it to play with every day so that it learns to have a behavior adapted to humans.

The fact of playing with your kitten on a regular basis will also strengthen the relationship you will have with your cat as an adult. The kitten left alone will tend to develop bad behavior with humans. He may begin to deteriorate your furniture and some valuable items in your home.

Another way to develop a lasting relationship with your kitten will be to brush it every day.

This will develop its trust in human beings and accustomed it to being handled from a young age. Obviously, grooming will continue throughout its life. For convenience, the act of brushing your cat daily will help to reduce risks to its health due to hairballs.

Usually it is with its mother that your kitten will learn to use the litter box and this before arriving home.

On the other hand, if your kitten mistakes sometimes by making its needs eslewhere than in its litter, no use to shout or scold on it because your kitten is not accustomed to being scolded, but rather learn by association . For example if you see it poops in the litter, do not hesitate to let it know that you are happy with its behavior, caressing and saying sweet words. This approach really works more to ensure that your cat will associate this behavior with something nice.

The teacher’s behavior is as important as the kitten’s behavior and this is how you are going to establish a lasting relationship with your little pet.

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