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When you acquire a kitten, there are many new things that you will learn about it, but one of the most important things will be his food, often available as kitten kibble.

There is an important difference between food for adult cats and kitten food, kitten food have a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals to enable optimal growth and especially to keep it healthy. If you give food for adult cats with your kitten, it will be a lack of calories that could harm its growth.

Kitten kibbleAfter its weaning period that can last up to eight weeks, your kitten will be happy to start feeding with anything other than its breast milk.

But if you buy your kitten and it’s already weaned, you can ask the people in charge the type of food with which your kitten was fed, if you are told that your kitten has been fed with high quality food continue that sense, but he was fed with a poor quality food change it immediately.

It is very important to check the ingredients in your new kitten kibble, it is not uncommon to see on the market dry food for kittens that are not made of 100% meat, this type of kitten kibble is obviously not recommended because a cat is a carnivore and it absolutely must eat meat, not grain. Obviously, this type of kibble will cost more, but if you want to have a healthy cat, it is important to provide him quality food from his young childhood.

So when you go shopping for the first time to find food for your kitten, offer quality kibble for your kitten, please read the ingredients to be sure that your kibbles do not contain an excessive amount of corn or gluten, poor food for your kitten could contribute to cause him stomach problems or even diabetes, actually the first ingredient that you find on the packaging of your kitten kibble should be meat.

Your kitten, just like you, need a quality food that will contribute to its good growth and later you will have a healthy cat to follow you for many years.

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