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Cats are probably the most popular animals now. There are a large number of breeds including large cat breeds.

Initially, cats were appreciated for their innate ability to hunt various rodents that usually infest farms. Eventually, humans realized that cats could also become excellent companions, warm and affectionate with their master.

Large cat breedsFor those who like statistics, in 1987 the cats have surpassed dogs as number one pet in America.

At that time, there were already 50 million cats living in 24 million homes, which means that 37% of American households own at least one cat at home.

All domestic cat breeds have different details. Some owners will appreciate small cats when others are going to want to purchase large cats also called the large cat breeds. If you are among those who want a large cat, here are a few races that will be right for you.

The Maine Coon is a native of Maine in the United States and it even has the prestigious title of official state cat. This is one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. Males can weigh 13 to 18 pounds (5.9 to 8.2 kg) on ​​average. A Maine Coon has already figured in the Guinness Book of Records because it measured 120 cm long and weighed 16 kg.

The Ragamuffin is also native to the United States and it is also part of the large cat breeds.

The males of this breed can weigh 15 to 20 pounds (6.80 to 9.07 kilograms) and are long-haired cats. This large cat breed have a very sweet and friendly personality. They will only reach full maturity at the age of four. These large cat breeds are fairly expensive and their prices can vary from $ 900 to $ 1,200 per kitten.

The Turkish Van is also a large cat and can weigh up to 16 pounds (7.3 kg). Although this big cat has a big fur, it is considered hypoallergenic because fineness that is waterproof and looks like the fur of a rabbit. Feeling the touch is very soft and you will feel like caressing cashmere. This is the cat to choose for people who are allergic to animal hair.

Even if you choose a large cat breed, you should still take care of it giving it a lot of love and never leaving it alone too long.

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