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Here is more information on large domestic cat breeds. We will give you some details on one of the most popular in America.

Usually, large cats can easily weigh 15 to 20 pounds and they have very distinct characteristics such as having a thick tail, a muscular body with a broad chest and tufted ears. Because of their friendly temperament, they have the nickname of gentle giants.

Large domestic cat breedsSo here is the gentle giant the most popular in America: Maine Coon.

The Maine Coon is the star of several children’s stories like this. At the time, a boat captain in New England used to carry long-haired cats in its ship. Once the ship was docked at the port, the cats of its ship mated with wild cats which would have produced a lot of descendants.

Another folktale involves Queen of France Marie Antoinette who tried to escape with a captain in 1793. Among her precious possessions, six cats were hidden in the captain’s ship. Although poor Marie Antoinette did not escape her beheading, cats were lucky and able to travel safely in Massachusetts. The description of the fallen queen cats looks like the Maine Coon.

It was not before 1967 that the breed was officially recognized as large domestic cat breed.

This big cat can easily weigh up to 18 pounds and it appears much larger thanks to its generous fur. It has a soft thick fur and its tail is as long as its body.

With its square muzzle, it is called gentle giant because of its affectionate behavior. It still has a playful nature that will last all its life. It should be noticed also that these large breed cat will not reach full maturity before three to five years. The mewing of the Maine Coon is easily recognizable by their owner who will immediately understand if their large cat wants to play or just have caresses.

The Maine Coon is part of the large domestic cat breeds and it makes a perfect pet for the family in addition to being a cat very happy inside the house with the family members.

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