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Can bones be given to dogs?

Can bones be given to dogs? If you prepare homemade meals for your pet, you must add bones, but remember that bones must always be raw. They must come from chicken neck or breast, be crushed and added to food. Never feed your pet cooked bones (especially chicken bones) because they risk perforating the stomach […]

Healing foods for our pets

Healing food for our pets You can safely add food with healing properties to your pet’s meals or as a snack; it will help fight some health   problems, prevent deficiencies or simply contribute to a healthy and complete diet. Fruits are essential for many species because they are an excellent source of sugars and vitamins […]

Work can start!

                What a place it is, so diverse, rolling hills, lakes, streams and lush vegetation, an elephant dream!         We started unpacking, and settled fast, even our cat Oz who never had stairs love it the place! She was a Queen in the house. But back to […]

Fifi (part 3 of 3)

He loved when I caressed his ears, patted him on the head and neck. I used to pet him for a while; he licked me and then put his head under my hands to tell not to stop. We could stay like for a long time. He suffered a lot when it was hot, I […]

Fifi (part 2 of 3)

At one time, I brought home another white female rabbit, Plaxy, as a companion for him. She was still young when one morning, we saw in the courtyard four newborn bunnies. Plaxy hadn’t prepared a nest, as she should have, and of course she didn’t know how to care for them. Unfortunately, two lost their […]

Fifi (part 1 of 3)

  When I was in high school, I had a book I loved very much. It told the story of female Siamese cat called “Fifi Grey Whiskers” and that lived like a Tibetan lama. The author was Lobsang Rampa, I read several of his books at the same time. When I was 14, my friend […]

Italy (part 5 of 5)

I became good friends with the female cook who took me to visit her family and that of the owner who took me to various villages and to see vineyards and viniculture schools. She gave riding lessons, so I took my first classes in the afternoon, during which we had to ride English style, without […]

Italy (part 4 of 5 )

Cava d’Ispica has so much history, the mountain’s rocky walls of calcareous stones were converted in caves and houses and served as such for thousands of years. Now, they are abandoned and protected, but at the time, it must have been a very busy village. One of the rooms is called “The Palace”, with several […]

Italy (part 3 of 5 )

They were all so elegant, and there I was, traveling with not many change of clothes, which were a bit old, mind you. My grandaunt told me she might have another of pants and other family members offered to lend me some clothes and shoes. However, sheer clothing and heels were not my style, so […]

Italy (part 2 of 5 )

Afterwards, I went to Sicily, the land of my grandparents, to see my family on my grandmother’s side who was living in a small village in the mountains called “Capizzi”, which I always heard of all of my life. On the way there, I stopped I Florence, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Naples. I […]

Italy (part 1 of 5 )

Ah, Italy! I spent my life thinking about the country three of my grandparents come from and felt Italian event though I’ve never set foot in that country. In December 2013, I graduated as an .environmental geographer after so many years in college, taking classes. Since I graduated during winter time, it was quite the […]


The second phase of mourning is denial. She is following the shock stage closely. Theorized by Sigmund Freud, it is defined as: no consideration of reality. The place where the pet is dead can be avoided. Some people will leave the toys out of sight, the bowl of water, food intact. Others will talk and […]


The last articles I have written focus on: the impact of pet loss, how each person lives it. The emotion experienced by men vs. women. Today I am speaking of one of the stages of mourning. Shock.   It is the announcement of the death of his animal. The end. It is a state where […]

A special day

Gandhi said: The magnitude and value of a nation is judged by the way it treats its animals. Hello, I am writing to you, yes, you who read me. I need your help to realize a dream, a vision that encompasses all the lovers of the animals of this world. You know, the hardest part […]

Mourning and the stages

Mourning can be called the process of mourning. This is a path that is frequented little for some and too often for others. When one loses a loved one one experiences grief, the following is all his way. It is useless to try to flee from it, it will cause more suffering. Mourning gives hope […]

The impact of animal bereavement

Hello to all of you today, I’m talking about the impact of losing your pet. To have a pet is to tame its presence, its character, its habits, its routine. He asks for organization when you take holidays, when there are parties. The presence of a person in a couple, a baby being born. Considering […]


Many people ask me this question; do rabbits make noises like dogs and cats? I’m pretty surprised every time someone asks me this question. Indeed, rabbits make noises. On the other hand, it is not at all like a cat or a dog. The noise made by rabbits depends very much on the context and […]

Men and woman vs greif

Hello everyone! Before I begin to talk in depth about grief and its process, I wanted to bring this to your attention. In the last text I told you that every one lives his mourning according to his past bereavements as well as his personality, his beliefs. But it is important that you know that […]

Pet loss

I find it amazing that sometimes people ask me what it is: animal bereavement. It's an animal who loses something? It is undoubtedly that it is a term that is new, althought it exist since the night of time, but the relationship with our pet has changed. In the past, the animal were mostly utilities […]

Animal Bereavement

Let me introduce myself, Brigitte Bérubé, I am therapist in relation Specialized assistance in bereavement and animal assisted therapy or pet therapy. Often people ask me why pet loss? This question simmered in my head for a long time before I found this answer. It was not I who chose it, it was mourning that […]

My love story with my bunny

My love for rabbits started by accident. Since my childhood, I have rubbed shoulders with different animals. I had a cat (not very long), tree dogs and two birds. I feel an unconditional love for animals. My mother gave me this love thanks to her father who had a farm. Now I have rabbits by […]

STELLA: Miracles from a Service Dog for PTSD!

STELLA: Miracles from a Service Dog for PTSD! Stella my service dog, responding to the signs and symptoms of post-traumatic syndrome (PTSD). My reaction in this video that I simulated, is sadness. Stella, come to help me by marking his presence in order to attract my attention by jumping on the bed. She continued to […]

Owners cure their sick companions with cannabis!

This story takes place in San Francisco, USA. Michael Fasman sees his 12-year-old dog suffers from arthritis in addition to being hurt due to an amputated toe. He refuses to give her painkillers, since it makes her completely knocked out. Therefore, the man has turned to another form of medication to relieve the pain of […]

Finally… Elephant Haven has the land!

It was not easy to go on but we were determined to find other, cheaper and if possible better land! And….one day we found it! Our 29-hectare of farmland, with woods, streams and lakes included. But was it a real or were my eyes deceiving me? It was for sale by two real estate agencies. […]

Dogs on Marijuana is not a good idea!

Whether animals are mistreated in Quebec or else where in the world, Clanimal shall not stay indifferent to human stupidity nor human goodness either. Presently, mayor “Bully Coderre” demonstrate an unequivocal disgust for, not only “Pit bull” type dogs, he shows it as well towards all responsible dog guardians of Montreal, with Section 21 of […]

Horses & Music: a match made in heaven with Justine Blanchet!

(NB: Clanimal.com is happy to introduce you to the great combination between passion for horses and an unbelievable talent: Justine Blanchet!) Singing and horses: two similar passions. Singing conveys a wide range of emotions in the singer and in the listeners. Singing is also rallying. Horses with their elegance and their unique personality trigger similarly […]

Pet allergy: Are there hypoallergenic dog breeds?

(Answers from James T C Li, M.D., Ph.D.) There’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed, although some individual dogs may cause fewer allergy symptoms than others. Many people think that pet allergies are caused by a dog’s or cat’s fur, but the real source of pet allergies is often a protein that’s in the […]

Let’s Remember our Fallen Animal Comrades

Today is the day we remember our fallen soldiers during the wars humanity has faced. More and more, animals are serving, whether on the combat field as away from it, helping soldiers deal with trauma lived on the battlefield. Today think of those animals who often give their lives to save other soldiers. Let’s not […]

Who can unite Americans?

Who can unite Americans? There is only one being that can unite all Americans (including Trump & Clinton supporters) and Clanimal.com gives it to you:…IT’S A DOG! Being the community for all animal lovers worldwide, we know! Animals do not judge any of us. They are not racist, nor misogynous, they do not lie and […]

3 Reasons to BAN the Retractable (Flexi) Leash!

BAN the Retractable (Flexi) Leash? For years now I have been walking Virus 2-3 times every day for about 2-3 hours every time, therefore, I have over 9 000 hours of being in public with him seeing other dog guardians (and other dogs) behaving in so many different ways. One thing, however, is constant with […]

To live its Uniqueness and not its Difference

To live its Uniqueness and not its Difference, According to Virus senior animal advisor at Clanimal.com (comments on the LGBT parade in August 2016 in Montreal) Many of you will say:” But… how can a dog help me assume who I am with confidence according to my own uniqueness and not according to “my difference”? […]

Conclusion: To understand Animals Issues

To understand Animals Issues… Clanimal is convinced that after having put in place the measures and solutions proposed in this editorial series (with any improvements that can be added as well!), we will be able to say that we have started to clean up, once and for all,  our act, and that finally Quebec can […]

Move to France for Elephant Haven…

Okay, the search for land for Elephant Haven continued… We even went to Tuscany, Italia to see some land but it was too expensive to find a big piece of land. Because we had maybe found an interesting land, we went back to France for a couple of days to visit some potential land. We […]

Sales of Animals in Stores and on Social Media ( 2 of 2)

Sales of Animals in Stores and on Social Media into creating a legal task force of law and marketing specialists… Clanimal is looking into creating a legal task force of law and marketing specialists to analyze this practice on the web and come up with appropriate actions. On the legislative front, to structure the advertising […]

Sales of Animals in Stores and on Social Media (1 of 2)

Another important problem is the absence of a proper structure in sales of animals in stores and social media. Presently, every day hundreds of ads are posted on social media proposing these cute puppies and about finding them a “forever home”. Clanimal is aware the 2 petitions have circulated on the net in 2013-2014 and […]

Breeders & Shelters (2 of 2)

Breeders & Shelters continued from our article Unfortunately, a great number of these puppies end-up in shelters, when they are just not simply abandoned! It is more than ever the time to rethink some of our breeding practices and to structure the breeder’s community, because the community itself seems to have lost control of certain […]

Breeders & Shelters (1 of 2)

About breeders & shelters Presently, there is a clear and certain lack of structure in the breeders community (whether it’s here or elsewhere). Also, breeders are facing tremendous pressure from the market (created by Cupid individuals, with no morals, that are only looking to please their financial god). Actions by these individuals, like “Back-yard breeders”, […]

Pit bulls, who’s telling the truth?

Despite time having passed, Clanimal through the present editorial, brings into the debate, a solid and scientifically supported way of looking at the “Pit bull” situation, since last June. As a matter of fact, no media had yet, seriously looked at scientific data, like the French television show Découverte (on French Radio-Canada network) has done […]

Abuse on Animals and Sentences

Presently, we can state that there is a serious lack of commitment by the authorities to eradicate mistreatment of animals. Someone better explain the timidity in the application of the law. Clanimal submits that a firm and sincere commitment, by the authorities, to enforce the law, actually issue fines and imprisonment, to show mistreatment of […]

PUPPY MILLS, Application of the Law: coercion (3 of 3)

Puppy Mills, Reinforcing and a more muscled application of the law, coercion (continuation and end) Another measure that could possibly be looked at, and it would certainly please the authorities, touches directly at the fiscal aspect of the puppy mills illegal operations. Simply,  a calculation of the number of dogs used in the puppy mill, multiplied by […]

PUPPY MILLS, Application of the Law: coercion (2 of 3)

Puppy Mills, Reinforcing and a more muscled application of the law  (continuation) Do politicians really believe puppy mills operators stand in line to obtain their permits? Clanimal is far from being convinced about it and believe much more in a strong approach of coercion aiming squarely at the “financial heart” of these illegal operations (as described […]

Increased Accessibility for domestic animal (Part 2 of 2)

Increased Accessibility for domestic animal (Part 1 of 2) Nevertheless, in Germany, in Switzerland and in Austria (to just name a few countries), family pets are accepted in many “public” places, such as restaurants. Does this means, Germans, Austrians or Swiss, are built with antibodies we were deprived, here in Quebec?  Are we so “distinct” […]

Grant Status Member to Animals in different Forces

Grant status member in the armed forces, police forces and civil security Our military personnel (men and women)  often accept to serve their country in difficult circumstances so, what tis there to say about the animals serving with them, without us showing any mark of gratitude and compassion. Worse, when their mission is over we […]

Improving Animals Handling into Society

Public Insurance Coverage for Service Animals could be a good Animals Handling for starting It is unthinkable that the governmental authorities didn’t think about it before, and it’s most likely because they do not see the benefits brought by animals working with humans, helping them to handle obstacles their handicap brings into their lives. How […]

Animal Education, the real benefits…

At Clanimal.com we are strongly in favour of educating children since, like in lots of cases, educating children help make them become as they grow up a responsible adult! But what about the animals? To that effect, a similar training as for adults could be given at school at the elementary level as a basic course. […]

Humans becoming more responsible (Education)

Then, where do we start? Clanimal suggest going to the source: the Humans! It’s the human, influencing  the animal, where behavioural problems started and, according to me, it’s the only way to address this issue with efficiency would be to render obligatory, to all future guardians of animals,  following courses  (and refresher courses) on how to […]

How to Choose a Dog?

How to Choose a Dog, Are all ways to go about it good? Are all ways to go about it good? No…since we cannot choose a family pet according to “human” criteria such as: Oh it’s so cute, it is very happy to see me, I will save this dog, etc. Let’s be clear, animals […]

How to act in front of an unknown dog?

What to do when have is in contact with an unknown dog It’s not always easy to determine how people will react to certain situations. It’s the same for animals, including dogs. Even when you see a dog and it seems very cute, to avoid unpleasant surprises always apply the five following rules: 5.         Pay […]

To understand Animals Issues in Quebec

Animals Issues in Quebec In Quebec, we do not treat our animals like animals, meaning respecting their way of being, and the way they communicate and life. In addition, we encourage animal guardians to be responsible by only requiring the purchase of a licence (and in my case, I was forbidden to enter the City […]

8 Myths and false beliefs about Cats (Part 1)

1- A Cat Has Nine Lives False! Of course, a cat is a mammal, and just like all living beings, once they experience death, they can’t come back to life. So why the “Nine lives”? This belief is mainly due to the fact that, for humans, cats are able to survive situations humans wouldn’t be […]

8 Myths and false beliefs about Cats (Part 2)

There are a lot of false beliefs about the cat, so here’s the second part of a short test allowing you to assess your knowledge… So, “True” or “False”? 6- Cat Always Fall Back on Their Feet Absolutely false! However, it’s true that the cat possesses a specific reflex called the “cat righting reflex”, an […]

Words of Wisdom from Virus on LGBTAA

Virus talking about LGBTAA “Hey Humans…why don’t you act between yourselves… like we do towards all of you: LOVE ONE AND OTHER UNCONDITIONALLY! It MAKES LIFE more BEAUTIFUL! Also, if you are looking to buy a dog (or know someone who does), I invite all of you to experience the only true dog matchmaking quiz […]


Yo se que todos los gatos son traviesos y curiosos pero mi gato Hogan podría ganar varios premios…ha hecho de todo en sus 12 años de vida. Me mudé por primera vez a vivir sola en el año 2001, en el mismo edificio que viví los dos primeros años en Canadá, en el departamento de […]

Celacantos, salamandras gigantes y dragones

Aunque me cueste creerlo, me han informado en varias ocasiones que no toda la gente se la pasa leyendo y viendo documentales de animales todo el tiempo….increíble pero real, y más increíble aun, no todos viajan a los lugares más lejanos con el solo objetivo de encontrar algún animal en especial en su hábitat. Yo […]

Is chocolate toxic to pets?

Is chocolate toxic to pets? Yes. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, which are substances that stimulate the central nervous system and are very toxic to pets. Theobromine triggers an excessive secretion of adrenaline, a hormone that increases the heart rate and can cause arrhythmia. A 100 to 200mg/kg dose of caffeine or theobromine is lethal. […]

Feeding Orphan Kittens and Puppies

Feeding Orphaned pets You can use a prepared  milk mixture (recipe below), which is very nourishing, for orphaned pets that must be bottle-fed. Add only small quantities of rice cereal to the milk mixture (5 ml [1 tsp.] for the first four weeks). It is important that the mixture is not too thick otherwise newborns […]

Helena Arroyo, a chapter at a time…

I therefore invite you to read my stories this way,  just like reading a book, chapter by chapter. I hope they will be to your liking and will bring back memories, it is a little because of you who enjoyed my stories at some point. I’m aware of how satured with information we already are, […]

The Guardazoos at the Zoo of Córdoba

Since I was a little girl, I would go to the Zoo of Córdoba with my mum or Eugenia. I really enjoyed going there although I was certainly pained whenever I saw the state in which some of the animals were. Despite that, the Zoo was a large green space, built on a 17-hectare land […]

Some thinking and more…

Sometimes I think that it is a bit naïve of me to write my about my thoughts and my meetings with animals when so many animals and nature in general are suffering so much right now because of us, humans. As an ad was saying in a car in the Unites States: “We are winning […]

Diario de una naturalista

En estos días de primavera estoy viniendo a trabajar al Jardín Botánico en bicicleta y me resulta un buen momento para reflexionar sobre que va a ser lo siguiente que voy a escribir. Estaba pensando como el sueño de toda mi vida fue ser bióloga, y como finalmente por cuestiones académicas termine estudiando geografía ambiental, […]

Happy birthday Helena Arroyo!

Today I celebrated my 38th birthday, and in the midst of receiving all the messages and greetings and replying to them as well. I found myself reflecting on my life: what I have accomplished in all these years, what I have done, did I achieve my childhood dreams… the answer is not simple. Indeed, it […]

Clanimal helps Rosie Animal Adoption!

” At Clanimal, we believe that:  “…Getting in touch with who we are …Human and Animal! Only when we can get in touch with both, we can achieve that “balance” in our lives. Since we are not “trained” to do that, the presence of animals and the quality of that presence makes us get in touch […]

A holistic approach for pets they have arthritis

Holistic approach and supplements to help our pet who suffer from arthritis A holistic approach to helping pets suffering from arthritis  There are more and more pets of all ages suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is no longer a phenomenon related to aging; many factors, including chemicals (preventive medicine) and unhealthy commercial food, are partly to […]

Wish list

After making a “wish list” what elephants need and like, we started looking for land in Belgium, but very soon we realized that there was not lot’s of land anymore available or it is way too expensive. So we started looking for other destinations to create Elephant Haven and each time France came up in […]

Animal Assisted Therapy in the Classroom

  Animals enrich the classroom experience and stimulate learning; the presence of animals allows the students to be curious and ask questions. They help build their self-esteem and learn responsibility and empathy for everyone and everything around them. Kids turn to their pets for emotional well being or when feeling lonely, scared, tired, or upset […]

Why a Dog?

Like all of you, I have experienced “pseudo-stand-up comedians” that, from the depth of their “wisdom”, sometimes yell at me “Hey you…do you put a saddle on this?” When this happens, I usually tell these “clowns”: “Listen if this is a horse, that means I got fooled by the breeder since I thought I bought […]

What Is a Deutsche Dogge?

Several names for the Deutsche Dogge, but… In Canada and in the United States, they call it Great Dane, in Italy, the Alano or Alan and me I call it Deutsche Dogge, which was officially given to the bread in Germany in 1878,where it was born around 406 B.C.  It even became the official dog of […]

A holistic approach for pets they have cancer

 A holistic approach to helping pets suffering from cancer Cancer is a disease that was virtually unknown in cats and dogs before the industrial manufacturing of pet food. We must add that air pollution (air pollutants) and chemical products to which our pets are excessively exposed (flea products, vaccines, dewormers, etc.) are also likely to […]

Naruto’s Selfie and PETA: The Wrong Approach!

(Editorial) My point is that PETA is going about it the wrong way, especially in persisting to “humanize” animals by, for example, wanting to apply principles to the latter that even humans do not respect! Here is my logical, pragmatic and realistic reasoning: Humanizing Animals While PETA aims to make animals benefit from “rights” humans […]

Elephant working systems

Elephant working systems informations In the 5th blog–when Sofie and I went to the Zoo of Rhenen in Holland for a few days to learn more about African elephants–I mentioned the “Protected contact system” and promised to give an elaborate explanation about it. There are 3 ways to work with elephants. No contact system: This […]

A Very Happy New Year 2016 from Clanimal.com

Clanimal.com is thanking you for the love you have showed in 2015, toward all animals on earth and for your support for our activities So Clanimal.com in the respect of its mission to improve relations between humans and animals, is wishing all of you in 2016:   To understand and feel profoundly all the importance […]


« Pets: are living sentient beings not plush dogs! » Let’s take a look at the logic behind this: Why? a) Do not stare the pet in the eye: “In his nature, when a dog is to fight, it will stare its adversary in the eye in order to intimidate it… So unless the dog is […]


Before approaching the people you’re going to introduce your pet to, ask them: Not to look the pet in the eye; Not to talk to the pet; and Not to touch the pet. Please, observe scrupulously these 3 instructions! You will understand why in the next blog. Unfortunately (and in many cases, it’s not in […]

Etiquette of a responsible owner

Owner’s responsibility In our previous blogs, we talked about the “Owner’s responsibility”, the “Health of the pet”, the “Behavior to have in public”, “Public transportation” and the “Pet’s preparation” before going into a public space. Now Clanimal offers you a “method of animal introduction” used for 4 years already and inspired by basic animal psychology (canine): THE […]


It is very important to remind you some details from a previous blog on what is a responsible owner: (From the series “Why bringing your pet to public places!” #5) someone who is accountable for their actions and those of their pet; someone who possesses the humility to always learn about their pet and themselves; […]

Why I want to follow my owner to public places!

Let me clarify things right away by saying that I’m speaking through a dog’s eyes. My owner will speak through his. So I don’t have any fancy theory or psychological explanation, just how what I feel when I’m with my owner. I thought that it would be interesting that you, humans, know what it’s like […]

COMMERCIAL SPACES: Which attitude to have (general)

It is very important to remind you some details from a previous blog on what is a responsible owner: someone who is accountable for their actions and those of their pet; someone who possesses the humility to always learn about their pet and themselves; someone who respects the environment around them, meaning theirs and that […]

Which attitude to have in public (general)

Clanimal will never impose anything on anyone. However, when you notice all those situations daily that don’t make any sense, you have to agree that it’s more than time that society adjusts to the impact the animals have on our everyday life. It’s also more than time that society starts paying attention to an important and […]


Pets: carrying germs? (From the series “Why bringing your pet to public places!” #2) We believe that pets don’t carry as much germs as pollution (for example: smog, charcoal, etc.), doctors or nurses who leave the hospital at the end of the day and go to the restaurant or to a shopping center (most of […]


From the series “Why bringing your pet to public places!” The first thing that often remains in our mind is to keep our favorite pet by our side. It is important that the pet feels that its “leader”, its “protector” is nearby, guides it and takes care of it. So it’s more than “normal” for […]

A First for Animal Rights at the Supreme Court!

For the first time in Canada, animal rights were defended at the Supreme Court on November 9th. Animal Justice appeared as an intervener in the case to ensure that animals’ interests be well represented at the hearing. The appeal to the Supreme Court focuses mainly on the interpretation of section 160 of the Criminal Code […]

Pet talks : How I discovered my 1st home?

I arrived at my new home, where my master lives, on January 24, 2009. It was my 9th week birthday! I know, we don’t know a lot at that age and anything we feel like doing goes through « our nose! ». Yeah! As you certainly know (I am sure lots of you do!), for us dogs, […]

Spreading the word

We started to ask people to be in our advisory board. Soon we received replies from renowned elephant people who have experience with captive elephants and elephants in the wild, founders of sanctuaries, zoo keepers and vets. http://www.elephanthaven.com/en/elephant-haven/advisory-board In July 2012 we went to see the Dalai Lama, and in September 2012, Elephant Haven released […]

The African elephants

After informing our friends, colleagues and family, we went on to “create” Elephant Haven. Of course, we both were still working as full time zookeepers at the zoo. I always worked with Asian elephants so experience was needed with African elephants, since Elephant Haven will welcome both species. We keep in contact with other people […]

Launching Elephant Haven

The website and the Facebook page were set up just before we left to launch Elephant Haven at the PAWS elephant summit in March 2012 in Oakland Zoo. Together with Leonie and her husband Barry we started up Elephant Haven. Leonie was the director of “Wilde dieren de tent uit” and Barry IT specialist. Due […]

Your dog wants to be a star?

Clanimal.com is looking for colour photos of specific breeds of dogs (refer to the list below) for a very special project. So if you believe you have “The Photo” of your dog (alone and where we see it clearly), send it to us (along with your dog’s name)at: theguy@clanimal.com with your return email address, so […]

The Founder’s Syndrome

Because there is no sanctuary for elephants in Europe, we first went to talk to refuges for other animals like birds, foxes, and owls. The first one said it was a stupid idea and not necessary. But luckily we got more advice from other ones. We talked with the studbook keepers of Asian and of […]

Pets drowning …what to do

   WATER SAFETY  Drowning claims many domestic animals every year. Dogs and cats are instinctive swimmers, but there are situations where even their natural skills are unavailing. Basic safety rules are therefore in order. Keep a constant eye on your pet if it jumps into a lake or pool. Also look out for cramps and […]

Where do we start?

…but where do we start? In 2011 I stayed in Elephant Nature Park http://www.elephantnaturepark.org/ in Chiang Mai in Thailand  for 3 months .  Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary in the North of Thailand where they rescue elephants from the tourist industry, logging industry and landmine victims. After being volunteers there the year before with […]

I have a Story to tell…and emotions to share

Come on Clanimal.com  to tell your stories…and share with the World your emotions with the animal who shares your life! This is why Clanimal.com invites you to take the time you choose to share all these beautiful stories that you have lived…and all the others you will live during your life together with the animal […]

Elephant Haven The Beginning

Elephant Haven,  The first retirement home for elephants in Europe. Everybody loves elephants, love to watch them in the wild, on T.V., in a zoo, in a circus…. But where are elephants going to when they are too old to be in the circus, when a country is banning the wild animals in circuses or […]

Is My Dog A “Special Edition”?

You’ve always owned dogs and you’ve never had any hard time training them, but this one right here seems like a lost cause: he’s completely unmanageable. He doesn’t listen, he makes a mess out of the house, he’s scared of everything, and he can’t seem to calm down. In other words: he makes you go […]

Defense Reflexes In Dogs

All animals share the same defence reflexes. It’s a natural behavioural mechanism. When the animal is scared, it will express those behaviours automatically. These reflexes will allow the animal to survive a stressful situation. Whether it’s life is in danger or not, the animal will always express its reflexes the same way. In order to […]

Can A Dog Suffer Trauma?

Indeed, it can! Well of course, there is physical trauma but in this case we are talking about psychological trauma. Just like humans, dogs can experience traumatic events and be left scarred for life. Generally, the event is a stressful situation during which the animal is so scared it thinks it will “die”. In that […]

Are veterinary services being “humanized”

“If Nature had wanted animals to be on the same level as humans, Celine Dion would have her nails done in a grooming salon and my dog Virus would be signing in Las Vegas!” (The Guy in an interview on January 10, 2014 at 98,5 FM in Montreal) I just finish reading a newspaper article […]

Public Markets: Leave you dog outside!

Do I have to? The answer is …Read this! (Editorial by The Guy at Clanimal.com) More and more you have Public Markets administration requesting (rather ordering!) in the Montreal area, that you must leave your favourite companion outside the public area of the market (in other words…not on the premises!) Question: What are the possible […]

How to detect signs of stress in dogs

Just like us humans, dogs are not immune to stress. They can feel stress in all sorts of situations, positive or negative. When a situation is positive, we will often say that the dog is excited; but in a negative situation, we say that the dog is anxious. Whichever it might be, the feeling is […]

The socialization in the puppy (Part 2)

In this case, “Immersion” means being in an uncomfortable situation that causes stress. If the fear is too great and that the animal cannot escape, a trauma will happen. Here is a common example: Fido is 9 weeks old and oh so cute. With his owner, they pass by a schoolyard and all the children […]

Socialization in the puppy (part 1)

Do you know that the most critical period for a puppy is between the age of 0 and 4 month? It’s during that stage that all it has learned, good or bad, will be “recorded” in such way that they will shape the character and the behaviour of the dog. All the experiences the puppy […]

“Speaking” dog? Why not! (Part 2)

What are calming signals? You already know them! We will often associate them with indifference, boredom, or fatigue, when in reality your dog is using calming signals on you. Here they are: Yawning Shaking off Scratching Licking chops Averting eyes Sniffing the ground Lying down Sitting down Lifting paw Freezing Moving slowly Making a detour […]

“Speaking” dog? Why not!

Have you ever heard of calming signals in dogs? In the 1980’s, Turid Rugaas, a dog trainer living in Norway, wished to change the way dogs were taught obedience. So she started giving classes on obedience training and focused on the communication between the dogs. With the help of a colleague, she focused on creating […]

Road Safety (for the rider) (part 2)

Horse and human alike can become bored of the “same old same old”. One option is to take your horse out of the riding ring and on a hack. Hacks can include riding in fields, trails, forest and roads. A few things should be taken into account before you set off on your ride. Not […]

Road Safety (for the driver) (part 1)

In urban centers a horse is not a common sight, either being rode or driven. Some larger cities have carriage rides but out of safety for the horse those rides tend to stay in parks or on smaller streets. If you venture out to the country it is possible to come across a rider out […]

Horse Trailers on the Road (part 2)

When you are driving around horse trailers you must be a responsible driver and take care. If you are in front of the trailer make sure to signal early if you are turning off the road, no distance is too far to start signalling. When stopping do not brake quickly, this means not following the […]

Horse Trailers on the Road (part 1)

Horses are great to own and ride on property but at times riders just want more! Some riders compete at shows across the country side sometimes across the province or even into the states. Other riders like to take advantage of the trails in other areas. This all means eventually a horse will have to […]

So You Want to Start Riding?

Which discipline you wish to start in is a good place to start. There are two main styles of riding, English and western. Within these disciplines are many, many more disciplines but for a beginner they do not matter. Once you or your child start riding and develop skills you will understand more of what […]

What is the importance of Service Animals? (# 3 )

Here is the story of Henry, a service dog to an autistic child… Become aware of the impact Henry has with Dale just by being a “reading partner”(bring Dale to talk), being “a security guard” (Dale cannot get involved with dangerous situations for him) or just simply being his “best friend”! That’s the role of […]

Are Retractable leashes risky for pets & humans?

Did you ever asked yourself (or your friends): Are retractable leashes risky for pets and humans? The answer , according to Dr Lawrence Gerson V.M.D. appears to be : Yes! A recent article on the Veterinary Information Network warns about the danger of retractable leashes. Dogs using these leashes can run ahead or lag behind […]


For a good understanding of nutrients’ role, you have to know how the body operates when it is in a balanced state. When that balance is disturbed, the body sinks in a state of illness, then come allergies, cancer, digestive disorders, immune system related problems and diseases that are a direct result of nutritional deficiencies. […]

How to read Animal Food labels (Part 2)

In Europe, the French legislation requires that dead animals and animals considered unsuitable for human consumption be disposed of by incineration36. In Switzerland, it is strictly forbidden to use by-products in pet food production. Animal-based proteins imported by pet food manufacturers are submitted to inspections and deoxyribonucleic acid analyses by Swiss customs. Some surveillance In […]


Here is now a delicate topic giving rise to different opinions. When I entered the canine world about 20 years ago, treats where not popular. Most of the “tamers” (English translation for the French word dompteur), word used back then and meaning obedience through coercion, would use the term “BREAK” a dog, and that, since the […]

Legal Status of Animals = Quebec Election 2014

Clanimal.com is calling upon all of you to require from every candidates to take a stand with regard to the legal policies set by Clanimal on animal issues in Quebec. WE cannot trust politicians to address animal issues during this campaign and Clanimal cannot be left alone to be the voice of animals. So help […]

How to read Animal Food labels

On pet food packages, animal by-products are also referred to as: meat by-product (any animal flesh, fish and poultry included) or poultry by-products or even meat, beef or poultry by-product meal. By-products are unused parts of slaughtered animal carcasses and flesh deemed unfit for human consumption. They may contain the “4Ds”, namely carcasses of “deceased”, […]


Some people believe that a leader is somebody who inspires fear, is violent and aggressive; others believe that possession of material goods or social backgrounds create leaders. Well, I would say that there are various ways of describing a leader. But a good leader is someone we want to follow; someone we want to work […]


That is THE question dog trainers are the most asked. And unfortunately that question is more complex that it seems. A dog cannot be categorized so easily, the same can be said about cats, horses or even human beings! And you have to keep in mind that a dog is not submissive or dominant towards […]

How to be a Good (dog) Father

(From our archives in 2014…a popular one!) Guys, you can take a lesson from this French Bulldog in How to be a Good (dog) Father. You can than Clanimal.com after for giving you this advice (lol). Enjoy! ( and do not forget to follow our “Election 2014 page” where candidates are requested to state their agreement […]


Now, in this part we will talk about negative reinforcements. Unlike positive reinforcements, these ones will reduce or prevent a behavior. They are negative to your dog, whether you were wishing for that behavior or not. In general, they are associated with pain or fear and/or insecurity. There are those that you control and that […]

Restraining and immobilizing technics for an injuried pet

Immobilizing an animal: the bath towel technique. When an animal feels cornered, especially if it’s already injured or otherwise vulnerable, its instinct is to become aggressive and fight back, compromising not only its own injuries, but also your personal safety. Therefore, use force sparingly if you want its cooperation. A bath towel or blanket – […]


Ok, I think that the word “reinforcement” is source of confusion so let me try to clear it up. There are two main types of reinforcement: positive reinforcements and negative reinforcements. In this first part, I will talk about positive reinforcements. They are reinforcements that are positive and pleasant for your dog, and that will […]

A clear & realistic legal status for all animals

(Originally printed in December 2013) Through its Chief Passionate Officier, Bernard Raymond, Clanimal.com the web support community for animal lovers, wishes to enter into the present debate about banning Pit Bulls and offer itself as the Voice of Common Sense and the respect of both humans and animals (our mission is to constantly improve relations […]

Steps to grooming our pets – part 2

Combing thoroughly the 3rd step. Combing will catch any little knots that might have gone unnoticed. It’s important to remove all knots even if they are tiny because tiny knots will develop into huge knots. Use a straight back comb combination (2 and 5 mm spacing of the teeth on the comb). Use comb with […]


Ok, so how am I going to put you into your pets’ shoes? Firstly, you have to know that some dog behaviors are normal, and even necessary. For example: cheating, digging, stealing, jumping, growling, biting, etc., are all normal behaviors for a puppy or a dog. But when they are used on your furniture, in […]

Steps to grooming our pets

Untangling those knots (the 1st step). It is important to undo all knots hidden beneath the fur before proceeding to the final stage of bathing. Knots left in the bottom of the fur will trap moisture and become an ideal environment for microbes which can lead to skin infections. De-matting should be performed using a […]


If you plan on moving, there are a few important steps you need to follow in order for you and your dog to get off to a good start in your new life. Moving is as tremendously stressful for you as it is for your doggie. Changing territories for a dog is quite difficult to […]

What is massage?

Massage is any systematic form of touch that gives comfort and promotes good health. If you have ever had a therapeutic massage you will agree that massage feels good! All animals enjoy massage, however some need it more than others just like people. Massage is a great way to get to know your pet physically […]


It is so adorable and sweet when it turns around and appears to say to you : are you coming to play with me? With your lipstick “stamped” on its forehead, how can you resist to not grab this little munchkin and just adore it? Its coat is so soft that you could stroke it […]

Animal by-products (Part 3)

Be careful with low-protein diets prescribed for liver and kidney conditions. Actually, healthy animal proteins are not what damage these organs, but vegetable proteins (corn or soya) fed on a daily basis to pets are! Even if the percentage of vegetable proteins is decreased, they are still present in the system, which means that the […]

Animal by-products (Part 2)

Animal by-products are hardly considered as high-quality proteins. They however meet the minimal standards set by the AAFCO and can be listed as quality protein sources on the product’s package! When it comes to the proteins’ quality, there are no regulations regarding the origin of the ingredients used for pet food29. Therefore, products like engine […]

Animal By-Products

There are companies specialized in the production of by-product meals and meat meals (beef, chicken, lamb by-product meal, etc.) for pet food manufacturers. Let us take a quick look at the process: All the leftover called “by-products” is ground and put into a sort of big pot where the mixture is cooked at temperatures between […]


For long trips, it is recommended to make a few short stops in order for your dogs to stretch their limbs a bit, hydrate and do their business. For cats, prepare a carrier large enough to include what they need: food and water, a bed and a small litter box. Feed them at each pit […]


Our pets are part of our family and they accompany us more and more to our friends’ home and they even travel on vacations with us. It is a good thing to include our family pets in our activities since it is somewhat entertaining for them instead of suffering alone at home from anxiety and […]

A safe walk with Fido

Going on a walk with your dog seems as easy as putting your shoes on, leashing him and you are good to go. But did you know that many accidents involving the owner and their dog are due to dog fights, falls, the dog running away and assaults (mugging, sexual assaults, aggravated assault) on the […]

Fido has been struck by a skunk!

Skunk Spray - Don’t be alarmed if your pet comes home smelling like a skunk. To eliminate the foul odor, you need only rinse the animal with the following formula: First aid - If the animal was sprayed in the eyes and face, rinse thoroughly with cold water. - Bathe the pet in water with the following ingredients: 1 […]


Choking caused bythe presence of a foreign object in the trachea can lead to res- piratory arrest within minutes, followed by cardiac arrest and death. If an animal starts to choke, perform the Heimlich maneuver on it immediately. Heimlich Maneuver Large, heavy dogs: If the dog is unconscious and heavy, it’s impossible to perform the […]


Our pets are part of our family and they accompany us more and more to our friends’ home and they even travel on vacations with us. It is a good thing to include our family pets in our activities since it is somewhat entertaining for them instead of suffering alone at home from anxiety and […]


Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine. Both stimulate the nervous system and are toxic for animals. Theobromine brings on excessive secretion of epineprine (adrenaline) which increases an animal’s heart rate and can trigger an arrhythmia. Adose of only 100 to 200 mg/kg of caffeine or theobromine is fatal. Asmall dog weighing one to two kilograms (2.2 […]

Beware of fleas!

To prevent your dog from getting sick and getting diarrhea in the beginning of spring, do not let him feast on the old garbage that was kept frozen below the snow and also, beware of the return of the fleas! These hoping parasites called fleas hitch on to your pets’ fur and make their way […]


Ok, I know that you are impatient to do all kinds of activities with Fido, but for the next few days you will concentrate on 3 things: supervise it constantly whenever it is not in its cage; make it appreciate its cage, and show it where to “take care of its business”. It seems simple, […]

Transporting an injured animal (part 2)

Transporting a medium-size to large dog This requires an entirely different technique: Wrap your arm around the dog’s neck from below: If you suspect an abdominal wound, place the other arm around the hind legs and hold the dog tightly against your body before lifting it. If you suspect a leg wound, wrap one arm […]

Transporting an injured animal (1/2)

Taking an animal to the veterinary clinic is just as crucial as giving it first aid, because an incorrect move can worsen its injuries and cause complications. An injured or seriously ill animal tends to react irrationally and unpredictably because it’s hurting: it may bite or run off if you try to control or manipulate […]

Clicker Training

Clicker training has been widely popular in the canine profession lately. But what is a clicker and how does it work? A clicker is a small plastic box with a metallic part on which we press down to create a distinctive « click » sound. When used properly, this tool brings great results in the […]


Nutritionally speaking, corn is a good source of starch (sugars), vitamins and minerals, fiber, as well as amino acids. However, the corn used in the production of pet food has been processed and becomes a “corn by-product”. The corn’s quality has therefore been lowered to a second and third-rate quality and has lost most of […]


If there’s one thing you have to remember today and for the future, it’s that if your pet suffers from allergies, a wound, a viral or bacterial infection, then your pet’s body will need extra quality proteins to be able to cope during that stressful time; a fact that the industry doesn’t consider. Beware of […]

Intestinal Upset (part 2)

Diarrhea Diarrhea is characterized by the increased frequency or watery flow of stools. The seriousness of the condition varies according to the presence of toxins. All cases of diarrhea must be treated, because it may indicate, among other things, that the animal has ingested a toxic or otherwise irritating substance. The intestine is lined with […]

Normal canine behaviours

I often get calls from people stating: “My dog digs in the yard, barks at the mailman, growls, chases cats! He’s crazy! How the heck can I get a normal dog?” What those persons don’t realize is that they have a normal dog. Normal behaviours Digging, barking when a stranger comes by, chasing small animals, […]

Intestinal Upset

Constipation is the retention of stools for longer than 24 hours. Causes and symptoms Abscess in the anal region. Dirty litter box. Dry-food diet. Fiber-poor diet. Hairball. Inactivity. Ingestion of a foreign object. Insufficient water intake. Liver, kidney or thyroid disease. Spinal injury. Stress. Tumors. No trace of stools for more than two days. Small, […]


Here are the most common amino acids added to pet’s food: Taurine: Is critical for the development and the growth of cats and dogs. It promotes bile production (allowing fat digestion). A lack of taurine can cause growth and vision loss problems as well as fatal cardiomyopathies (heart diseases) for cats and dogs. The recommended […]

Protect Your Noggin!

Horseback riding is a dangerous sport. If you have ever taken lessons, competed in a show or even rented arena time in the winter you have most likely signed a liability waiver. Some riders have even been as diligent as to read the waiver. Scary, huh? They talk about how you can suffer anything from […]

What is a protein and amino acid?

A protein is a nutrient necessary for the growth and development of muscles, bones, tendons, cellular components (ex: enzymes, hormones, insulin, antibodies,) and for the multiple biological functions in the body. Essential and non-essential amino acids There exist some 300 different amino acids from which 20 are utilized for the biosynthesis of proteins in the […]

EMERGENCY BASICS – Allergic Reactions

A pet may develop allergies to many household products, but allergic reactions are generally caused by vaccinations or insect bites and stings (from bee, wasp, yellow jacket, hornet, red ants, spiders). Reactions range from minor with localized swelling to severe, even causing death from anaphylactic shock. An allergic reaction to a vaccination may manifest itself […]

Speaking dog – Nail clipping

  Did you know you can speak with your dog? Well, ok, not speak as you and me but still, you’d be surprised at the amount of exchange that’s possible. Let’s take nail clipping, for example, an activity that most dogs hate. Nail clipping leads to ears laid back and tail tucked As soon as you […]

So You Want to Start Riding?

Choosing a barn or stable to send your child to, or even yourself, can seem like a daunting task, especially if you live on the outskirts of a big city where there seem to be hundreds of options! Breaking things down will help you choose somewhere safe, responsible, and enjoyable. Riding style and disciplines associated […]


It is important to understand that the body works efficiently when it is in a state of equilibrium other wise diseases start to manifest; allergies, cancers, digestive problems, immune system problems etc. Many factors can cause this imbalance such as pollution, chemical products and an unhealthy diet. Hippocrates in the year 400 bf-.J-C said “ […]


For over 20 years I have had the privilege to pursue my passion, which is to care for animals. I am a Biologist and Animal Health Technician, speaker and author of several books on animal care, my name is Chantale Robinson. Starting today, I will keep you in tune with the multiple aspects of animal […]

A New Cat

Whether you are welcoming your first cat home where there is currently no other pet or whether you are adopting your 7th cat in a house where there are already 4 cats and one dog, the arrival of a new cat in a home is always an important event. Whether your new cat arrived accidentally […]

Learning for dogs

Sharing your life with a dog means pleasure and joy but also education since your canid will need to learn to live his life following your rules and those of our society. A question arises: how do dogs learn? This week’s blog will answer that question. Dogs learn through two very simple models: Classical conditioning […]

How To Make A First Aid Kit For Your Pets

We all continuously care for, love and want nothing but the very best for our animal friends, but accidents and illnesses happen. Don’t let you and your pet suffer when the worst happens! If you are interested we have a great book called : First Aid for Dogs and Cats written by Chantal Robinson our first […]

Is your House certified Dog Proof?

Congratulations! You finally found the perfect animal. Fantastic! Is your home ready to receive it? You would be surprised the cleverness that a puppy can show in “redecorating” your home or “reorganizing” your garden. For a moment see your home from their point of view. We will most likely make some unusual discoveries. Do not […]

Can we buy a dog like we buy a car?

There are different types of consumers, amongst others, the impulsive, the zealous and the knowledgeable. How about we now, compare the purchase of a car and the adoption of a dog? The impulsive sees the New Year model in a parking lot and runs to the dealership to buy it notwithstanding that a sport coupe […]

Are You Ready?

Here you are! It has been 5, 10, 20 years since you swore that when the right moment arrived, you would have your own dog!! Or has it only been 10 minutes…Well, to each his own rhythm. In short, you have studied different breeds; you have visited breeders and have thought carefully about it. The […]


You’re planning on having a big party; there will be lots of guests and lots of food! And of course, since Fido is a member of the family, you think it’s a good idea to include him on the fun. Well, I didn’t want to be the party crasher but it might not be the […]

How to introduce your puppy to your home

The big day has arrived! Now that you have sworn respect and fidelity to it (I am talking about the puppy, obviously!) how are you going to introduce it to its new environment? Are you the type « Go on Buddy..do has you wish » or « prove yourself first then we’ll decide what to do ». Personally I […]

Tiger’s First Day – Part 1

You went to get Tiger and you are ready to bring your new pet home. The litter box with its lid is already installed in the laundry room, down in the basement. Her food and water bowls are in the kitchen. When you arrive home, it is already dark. You get in the house and […]

Socializing puppy

Every dog owner has heard about puppy socialization. But what does it actually means to socialize a dog? How do we accomplish that and what happens if it isn’t done? This blog will answer those questions. First step of the process: the puppy must learn he’s a dog. At birth, puppies don’t know they are […]

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