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If unfortunately your cat has strayed, the first advice you should follow is not to panic. The best is to organize yourself to find it and sometimes a lost cat poster will be the best tool for you to see it again at home.

Statistically, it is more difficult to find a small pet than a large animal and unfortunately for you, it is more difficult to find a cat than a dog. Lost pets tend to be scared and that is why they will try to hide and remain silent to protect themselves. A lost dog may bark and whine if it hears its name, but that will only happen very rarely for the cat.

Lost cat posterIf you lost your cat, do not rush immediately to create a lost cat poster, but try to look near or inside your home or your garden.

If this fails, go for a walk in your area by calling your cat by its name. You might be surprised by the results and very happy if you see your cat run towards you when you called.

A trick some people use is to leave the door of the house open disposing in front of it some pieces of clothes that will not be washed to keep your body smell. Although cats do not have the sense of smell of dogs, they will still be able to recognize your scent and this may be enough for them to come home. Also try to keep your phone on you in case someone would call you to tell you he has found your cat.

It is also important to report the loss of your cat to your neighbors so they can also open the eye. This often happens that a cat is found in the garage of your neighbor because of its curiosity, it was shut in when the garage door closed.

If these efforts do not work, it is now time to create a lost cat poster.

CLANIMAL website suggests posters already done to register all details about your cat including a recent photo.

A lost cat poster could be installed in animal centers and shelters. Maybe someone could find your cat and bring it in this place. It is important to mention the loss of your cat in these centers so they can identify your cat easily and call you. If you do not, your cat could be placed in a cage waiting for euthanasia because these centers of animal protection are usually filled to their maximum capacity.

Fortunately, the majority of cats that are lost will come home one day or another to the delight of their owners. Sometimes it only takes a little wait before your cat ends its trip to be once again in your arms.

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