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The best thing to do to find your lost dog as soon as possible is not to panic to make the best decision regarding your research.

Most dog owners will consider them as full members of their family. Unlike some pets like reptiles, dogs will experience real feelings towards their masters and when the dog, who became a member of the family, disappear, it may be the cause of much pain.

Lost dog finderUsually when a dog gets lost, it will use its highly developed intuition to come back home.

Who has not heard stories where the dog was lost thousands of kilometers from its home for one day end up at the door. This will be especially true if you live in the countryside, because your dog will have developed benchmarks through the unique landscape features.

But if you live in town, in the urban jungle, it may be more difficult for your dog to find its house. The traffic jam, crowds walking on the sidewalk and the bustle around will make that your dog lose all its landmarks. Fortunately, statistics show that half of lost animals are one day found near their home.

To begin, you should ask your neighbors if they have not seen your dog walking alone in the neighborhood.

Another method is to print a poster with your dog’s photo and details for an easy identification. CLANIMAL website suggests a poster that you could fill in to have it printed later. In addition, CLANIMAL website includes thousands of people who could be your private detective.

You may also use other services offered by some private companies. This will be to phone all your neighbors which could amount to 250 to 10 000 houses near yours. This service must be started as soon as you have lost your dog because time is very important when you want to find a lost dog.

Whatever method you will use to find your dog, remember that you should keep calm and seek help from as many people as possible.

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