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This can be a real tragedy when an owner realizes that he has lost his dog. This dramatic situation is a source of stress and panic and you have to take control of yourself if you want to find it as soon as possible.

Lost dog flyer

CLANIMAL website offers a section specifically designed for those who lost their dog. If you’re among them, you will only need to become a member of our site by filling out our form. You will have access to a lost dog flyer that you have to fulfill in order to identify your dog with a photo and specifications to recognize it easily.

When you have finished filling the lost dog flyer, you will be able to share it in social networks, and printed it to display it in suitable locations to facilitate your search.

CLANIMAL website includes a large number of people, dog owners like you who will be able to understand your plight. Our members will do everything to help you find your dog using all means at their disposal.

To help you find your dog, it is very useful to use our flyers that you will display in all centers of adoption for animals in your neighborhood. The flyer designed by CLANIMAL was performed taking into account various criteria for recognition, in order to help people better recognize your dog. Finally, the CLANIMAL logo is very easy to recognize and it will help people to focus on your lost dog flyer.

You could also walk around your neighborhood in the same places where you already walked with your dog and take the opportunity to ask the merchants located on your way to post your flyers on their windows. Usually, merchants are kind enough to allow you to display your lost dog flyer in their establishment.

When you do all those things, it is important to keep your phone on you at all the time. You never know when someone will call you to tell you that he finally found your lost dog.

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